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Heck, aerial yoga is one of the best inversion exercises as healthy gravity impacts the body directly here. Indeed, it is an advanced revolutionary idea of traditional yoga as yogis perform it on air.

 Don’t worry, if you are a newbie about the aerial yoga arena. I assure you the aerial yoga gear are available and portable. So, you are easily able to make your own aerial yoga kit regardless of performing aerial yoga at home or outdoor!

1. Aerial yoga trapeze

Aerial yoga hammock or yoga trapeze is the main prop for doing all types of aerial yoga poses .This aerial yoga swing mostly made from high quality parachute fabric. This fabric is high strength made double/triple stitched

Best aerial yoga hammock brands

Common features of yoga trapeze

  • The average length of U-shape seated yoga hammock is around 8 to 12 Ft.
  •  Longer trapeze fabric means, it is very adjustable with any free aerial yoga stand sources, ceiling hooks or tree branches etc.
  •  Six handles (2 lengthy on average 4 to 5 Ft. +2 Medium on average 3 to 4 Ft. + 2 short on average 1 -2.5 Ft.) are for simple to advanced yoga poses.
  • There are four high strength carabiners with comfortable grip.
  • Larger main “U” sling allows cocooned indoors or outdoor simultaneously.
  •  Very convenient –weight is just 3 to 4 lbs. (with carabiners)
  • Guaranteed safety-weight test varies from brand to brand(300 Lbs to 600 Lbs).
  • Double or triple stitched fabric with mild touch feeling encourages yoga each time!
  • Most brands offer manual and user guides for installing and yoga pose charts.
  •  Available in many elegant colors and complete packages with daisy chains and ceiling mount hardware.

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 2. Yoga trapeze stand/hanging sources

After picking aerial yoga silks, you are now searching aerial yoga equipment for home or outdoor. Right?

 Yoga trapeze stand allows performing aerial yoga in different places regardless of indoor or outdoor.

 In fact, free standing aerial yoga stand or alternatively daisy chains or ceiling hooks, whatever you choose for yoga poses, it drastically reaches you to the next level of physical fitness!

This free standing aerial yoga kit gives you ultimate experience of air yoga benefits. You may know when we are in gravity position, our vertebrae able to get sucked. This helps to release muscle tension.

Anyhow, now we’ll explore different aerial yoga frame. By this way ,it’ll be easy for you to decide which kind of aerial yoga swing set fulfills your purposes

a. Free standing yoga trapeze stand

Free standing aerial yoga hammock stand is a four legged (A type model) or three legged circular like frame. Almost manufacturers produce it with aluminum material. Furthermore, there are some brands that offer height adjustable pull up bar by which you can easily workout yoga trapeze poses!

Common features of aerial yoga swing stand

  • There are height adjustable legs. It may range from 7 Ft. to 12 Ft.
  • Multi sizes top bar is wonderful for punching bags, pull up or chin-up bar etc.
  • It requires four to five square meter ground spaces.
  • Total parts weight varies from 20 kg to 35 kg.
  • Aluminum alloy gives guaranteed safety. It can hold 300 lbs to 600 lbs without worrying!
  • Most aerial swing stand allows swiveling up to 360 rotations.
  • Rubber gripped bottom offers to fix it anywhere-grass, field, concrete even water ground surfaces.
  •  Easy to assemble and dissemble of inter-locking parts.

Finally aerial yoga stand is a commonly used for sky yoga as effectively and efficient at anywhere?                                      

 Introduce our complete reviews of free standing aerial rig’s here!

b. Doorway frame bar as a trapeze stand

Doorway aerial yoga frame DIY is an excellent alternative of the trapeze stand. If your door has minimum space at height and width to swivel you with hammock for yoga, then this hassle and bustle free doorway frame bar spices your aerial yoga poses to the next level as well!

Common features of yoga trapeze doorway

  •  Yoga trapeze doorway set up requires installing two weight bearing brackets.
  • The dimension of this bearing bracket varies from brand to brand.
  • On an average, the length of aerial yoga frame bar is 2.5 Ft. to 3.5 Ft.
  • The hexagonal shape is very hard to carry yoga trapeze or swing.
  • You can further perform it as a pull up bar, chin up bar or heavy punching bag by it.

Finally, hang yoga trapeze from doorway and enjoy ultimate aerial workout.


c. Daisy chains aerial yoga

Daisy Chains or Strap is another vital aerial yoga gear, a very useful accessory for exercising yoga with hammock.

It offers yogis or practitioners an ultimate freedom of doing air yoga in any place including-tree lamb, backyard permanent swing stand, cedar beam or from very height ceiling.

Indeed,  daisy chains yoga offers cocooned when you get tired with hammock for yoga very well!

Common features of daisy chains yoga

  •  Firstly, with daisy chains or strap, you can simply install yoga hammocks.
  • Multiple loops (6 to 10) allow knotting with yoga swing very securely!
  •  It really relieves pressure on yoga hanging sources as well.
  •  Almost daisy chains/ straps are UV protected and weather proofed.
  • These effectively level the hanging sources of aerial hammock as uneven tree branches or exposed beams.

Finally, if you simply think doing aerial yoga in any preferred location whereas seaside or wonderful forest area, then, isn’t it time to pick a pair of  daisy chains/straps?


d. Ceiling hooks/Swing hangers

If you are passionate to practice aerial yoga workout at your indoor home or garage etc. then picking ceiling hooks or swing hangers with mounting hardware's should choose properly!

Yes, I indicate ceiling mounting hardware and its installation process simultaneously.

Sure to set up yoga trapeze permanently? Then, installing ceiling hooks or hangers can be your best alternative.

Finally, aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipment allows reaching the next level of body fitness that you really deserve!


Carabiners are one of the second main props by which yogis/ practitioners are able to do hand stand and perform yoga swing poses.

Usually, manufacturers provide  three pairs of carabiners. But if you are not satisfied ,you can easily replace those according to your preference!

Weight tested measurements show the SS carabiners can hold the maximum carriage 5000Lbs(2268kg) and aluminum carabiners can hold 4500lbs( 2041 kg).


4.Aerial yoga clothes

Aerial yoga outfit is an important consideration for experiencing perfect yoga with an aerial bodysuit. In fact, expert’s recommended aerial yoga clothes indicate the overall yoga poses when in mid-air!

So, when you decide to get the experience of air yoga, aerial leggings and aerial apparel are as important as aerial yoga hammock.

What are you thinking about aerial yoga T-shirts? Yes

 Has any experience been cocooned in the gravity position?

If not, try these aerial clothing to do hammock swing poses and get lost in the deep meditation world!

5.Choke loops

In aerial yoga accessories, choke loops mean heat protected fibers. Doing aerial yoga for a long time may create heat with carabiners. The choke loops effectively minimize heat with carabiners and aerial yoga hammock.

So, as a perfect connector, choke loops attached the carabiners to the aerial yoga hammock. It makes yoga swing stable more and further prevents you from slipping.

6. Accommodation requirements

Yoga in a hammock differs from the traditional yoga practice in many ways. Yoga swing poses require standard accommodation floating freely off the ground.

So, whether you wish to get aerial yoga benefits at your home or any preferred outdoor location, you should know the space requirements.

a.     Indoor

Usually 5 to 6 Ft. space is enough for hammock yoga poses. Find a suitable room or garage at your home or studio for yoga trapeze setup.

Indeed, each practitioner needs a minimum thirty six square Ft.(36 sq. Ft.) space. So, based on calculation, you can easily maneuver the required space in an indoor or aerial yoga store.

b.     Outdoor

Same prior calculation is acceptable for outdoor. No matter, it's your permanent backyard swing stand or Seaside/recreational forest area, follow the hammock installation process and get lost in all the hammock poses.

7.Aerial yoga class/studio

Almost all aerial yoga practitioners or beginners start their aerial yoga learning in the studio. Though, many manufacturers provide e-manual or guide to install hammock and aerial pose charts, most yogis like live demonstration and video.

If you are an owner of aerial yoga studio, there needs to consider some following criteria-

  • How many students can you accommodate in a room in a single session?
  • Accordingly, has there sufficient aerial yoga gear?
  • How much money do you need to pay an instructor?
  • How much is the installation charge?

After calculations of these variables, an aerial yoga studio owner should take into considerations for a profitable studio!

On the other hand, yogis or practitioners should follow some guidelines when attending aerial yoga class.

8. Hiring handyman

For perfect installing aerial yoga swing from ceiling hooks or exposed beams requires engineers' tests and recommendations.

It is especially important because how much weight it carries depends on the kilonewtons .Only an engineer can be able to assess the weight impact from ceiling.

So, a knowledgeable  handyman can drill into the ceiling proper way to carry maximum body load with ceiling hooks.


9. Aerial yoga book

As an enthusiast about aerial yoga, I inform you there are many in-depth guides/books on aerial yoga. We see many aerial yoga books besides traditional yoga. Right?

But, you should remember that books can’t be replaced with live demonstrations or experienced yoga teachers!

So, if you somehow know about aerial yoga from video and internet resources, a  detailed book by an expert yoga teacher may relieve you from confusion and misconception!

 Motivational and in-depth instructional aerial books really help us to perform aerial workout.

Benefits of aerial yoga

There are numeral health benefits of aerial yoga as we see modern health experts recommend aerial yoga exercises. It perfectly cures the degeneration of hip, back, shoulder etc. We list  here some yoga benefits in brief.

  •  Strengthens body metabolism
  • Making body flexible
  • Perfectly helps to lose weight
  • Enhancing physiological response
  • Gravity increases body awareness
  • Relieving extreme physical disease like IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  • Instantly relaxing body as blood gets flowing inversely for a certain time.
  • Strengthening muscle and core body workout.
  • It is a perfect inversion therapy module.

In fine, aerial yoga equipment covers all related gear for performing aerial workout. Right? So, the aforementioned tools and techniques are essential to know/consider having experienced for the ultimate benefits.

(Caution: Note here if you are suffering from high blood pressure or pregnancy then you should consult with doctors before  performing yoga swing poses.)