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Aerial yoga essentials:Choose your aerial equipment now

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Seven aerial yoga essentials you shouldn't ignore!

Do you fall in love with aerial yoga really? Aerial yoga is now a proven high impact, therapeutic exercise or workouts that you can do easily. It is done on aerial hammock or fabric which is popularly known as yoga trapeze. Out of the most ultra benefits of this warming aerial exercise, it effectively decompresses the spine, comforts pressure on your joints, energizes muscles. So, it’s time now to know in-depth about aerial essentials.


So, be ready for doing brain dominating aerial exercise?

As you already know that in aerial yoga, almost all kinds of yoga & posture such as  Transcendental Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Vipassana Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Vinyasa, etc. are too practiced but more focused.


Before starting aerial posturing you should initially do the following guidelines very clearly.

-Take food at least 2 hours before performing aerial.

-Do free exercise such as arms, leg stretching, etc. before aerial yoga.


Now gathering essentials:

1. Collect your preferable yoga trapeze or swing or hammock.

In aerial yoga, your starting would be to purchase yoga trapeze or swing. There are many manufacturers. It’s upon you what kind of aerial silks and trapeze you choose. Your choice should be met the following considerable factors.

-Does it’s color amuse you? Color helps to concentrate your mind.

-Are it’s handled bare-bones drapes of silk or fabric? Or Does it include one or several sets of synthetic plastic or hard handles for user comfort fully with hand grip?

–  Check the weight capacity of the trapeze. Generally, trapeze’s manufacturers claim that fabric can hold up 300 pounds(140 kg) on average.

2. Choose a suitable & safe area for installing Trapeze or hammock

Installing your trapeze is a very sensitive issue. Don’t worry. If you want to practice at your home then be sure the ceiling beam dimension must be manufacturers’ directed Usually it can be from a 2 in × 6 in (5.1 cm × 15.2 cm) or 4 in × 4 in (10 cm × 10 cm) or ceiling beam. .For installing on multi places click here.

3. Choose your perfect yoga dress:

Aerial poses are highly prone to friction. So, long sleeves & pants are essentials to do effortless yoga. The dress should be perfectly fitted. Choose your perfect leggings or fitted crops, light impact sports bra & panty, etc. by which you feel comforts when you change a pose to another pose,

Be sure that you take off all kinds of outer materials such as watch & jewelry as these interrupt you to focus  100% workout.

4. Beware of food & drink

In aerial position, the body feels gravity from the ground. So food & drinks should be taken carefully as most of the exercises in aerial positions have inverse staying. So, It will be wise to stay away from an uneasy stomach or uncomfortable gassiness.

  • Avoid fizzy drinks for at least 2 hours before your session.
  • Vice-versa, you are advised to wait to take food or drinks after 2 hours of exercise.

5. Take help from your yoga buddy

Initially, you may feel a little nervous while doing aerial yoga. So, have someone to assist you until you are able to avoid risky posture & be accustomed to a comfortable position.

The recommended hanging the yoga trapeze from ceiling or bar is usually not more than high from the ground-3 or 4 inches. So, you needn’t worry about falling down.

6. Get an aerial yoga studio near your area

If you are in confusion whether you could able to perform aerial yoga as you tried to learn the various tutorials from the internet, then I recommend you to get admission in your aerial studio.

Find here to get your class.

An aerial yoga instructor teaches you how you slowly practice from easy to a difficult position.

Now different manufacturers provide an in-depth guide with DVD or on-line PDF instructions.

7.Have an aerial yoga class

As some aerial positioning are hazardous so extra warning should be considered. A professional aerial yoga instructor shows you how to extend & free your body joint, muscles with the yoga trapeze then start your ultimate aerial asana.

If you feel confident & enjoy the aerial posture, you can begin practicing it on your own.

Essentials of yoga trapeze pose

Unlike other devotional yoga as hatha yoga, Power Vinyasa, etc. , aerial yoga has almost all kinds of poses but additionally some inverse position. Choose your comfortable Yoga trapeze or aerial hammock poses are stated here. 


Essentials of yoga travel bag

If you feel jolly to do an aerial workout in a yoga studio class or outdoor park, forest or your backyard stand, gather the following essentials in the bag.

1.Yoga mat; a portable yoga mat is available which assists aerial yoga very amusing.

2. Grippy towel; when some yoga trapeze poses require mat touching, grippy towel facilitates to do performing.

  1. Water bottle; coconut water or juicy drinks are instantly filled your electrolytes lost when sweating.

4. Braid & headbands; in aerial position hair should be fixed with braid  & headbands because the movement of long hair prevents to focus you.

5.Yoga straps; it works great in the waist overdress.

6.Yoga toe socks; it unbelievably relief your yoga shoe wearing.

In conclusion

Aerial yoga also extraordinarily controls & purifies your body, coordinates the total nervous system and improves your mental focus. To do fruitfully exercise with yoga trapeze, one must deal with the afore-mentioned aerial essentials.




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