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Ultimate 13 aerial yoga accessories you need to know performing yoga completely


Present yogis or practitioners or athletes want to do their workout comfortably & injury free so that it extremely makes them flexible &  brings maximum health benefits. The most considerable factors of modern yoga or aerial yoga are yoga props or yoga accessories.

In the famous book “Light on yoga(1966)”-well-known as the Bible of yoga, modern yoga guru B.K.S.Iyengar & later on Sree Dharma Mittra narrated in-depth the usefulness of yoga for our body & they explored how a fruitful yoga workout has done with yoga props.

What is yoga accessories?

Yoga accessories mean the A to Z supportive materials for joyful & effective yoga exercises. Once the saint of ancient India explored their best body posture to prevent any disease, focus on a healthy body & mind. Now yoga has become an easy gymnastics from child to old because of awesome convenient accessories.


  1. Yoga clothes

A big considerable issue of doing yoga is –what should wear while practicing yoga. Depending on yoga & posture, you should pick the dress.

  • Generally, choose the tight-fitting top tank as you need to move multi-posture.
  • Take sports bra & undergarments especially are made for yoga.
  • Avoid cotton dress in Bikram or hot yoga.
  • Avoid any jewelry
  • Choose properly yoga leggings, yoga pants so that it enhances the stretching & give you comfort.
  • Focus on dresses that are fitted not style



2.Yoga mat

Mat is a basic element to perform yoga or aerial yoga. Yoga mat provides a happy yoga workout. There are different mats available in the market-foam, synthetic or rubber type, etc.



3.Yoga straps

The strap is a strip of leather, thick cotton or hemp like material which provides yoga poses in the right alignment. Yoga straps or yoga belts are widely used by beginners in a hamstring stretch, cow face or Gomukhasana or in restorative yoga classes. It provides extra support & comfort while doing advanced or difficult yoga poses.

  1. Yoga blocks

Block is a rectangular type material effectively used in yoga to give support of headstand or handstand poses. These mainly three types-

  • Foam yoga block-beneficial for beginners & lightweight to travel with.
  • Cork yoga block-A little heavier than foam, but providing enough traction to perform any yoga posture.
  • Wood yoga block-Heavier than cork, excellent for some yoga pose.

The price range of yoga blocks are-5$ to 30$.Click here in-details about yoga blocks.


5.Yoga towel

A towel is a great way to use with mat for extra traction, absorbing sweat & helps to concentrate more on yoga poses. Some popular manufacturers offer microfiber towels. Some offer silicon bumps & non-slip panel to sick with mat. When you do hot yoga or simple yoga, it is recommended to dampen it by water or spray for extra texture.


6.Yoga bolster

Yoga bolster or pillow is a great relief for stretching & the yin yoga. They are mainly stuffed with cushions, rolls or old towels when making at home. Bolster helps in many yoga performing poses, supporting on the head & neck, abdomen, or anybody’s side.

Click here to know about how to make a home-made bolster for yoga

7.Yoga blankets

Yoga blankets work as a towel but additionally it works more by extra supporting for seated poses, corpse pose or injured persons who are recommended to do restorative poses.

Yoga blankets fall into three categories-

a)Mexican yoga blanket

These are very popular for hand-knitted & super excellent absorbent fabric.

b)Wool blanket

These are from wool fabric, an unparallel prop providing warmth for restorative yoga asana. Its machine washable feature makes it used randomly.

c) Cotton yoga blanket

These are 100% made of cotton. It gives extra comfort while doing difficult or advanced yoga poses. It is denser than the afore-mentioned two’s so stability is super incomparable.


8.Yoga mat bag

As in early stated, yoga mat is the basic essential for a yoga workout. A mat carrier comes naturally an important considerable factor. For an outdoor or in-studio class-a portable mat bag should pick this way so that it packs smoothly without any scratching & nicely fitted as smart looking.

9.Yoga mat cleaner

Mat cleaner is some non-toxic chemicals that wash bad odor, unhygienic dampen & make your yoga mat germ free. Thus, spraying cleaner is essential as like a mat. After spraying yogis or practitioners feel a fresh encouragement to do a yoga workout.

10.Yoga wheel

The yoga wheel is effectively used in Chakrasana or Urdhava Dhanurasana when backbends is a crucial issue. Master of modern yoga guru Sree Dharma Mittra showed backbends & inversions yoga poses with the assist of yoga wheel prop.


11.Yoga Balls

In recent times, yoga balls credit acceptable equipment of sport & exercise. These are very great for inversion & backbend postures. It is made of soft plastic vinyl (Polyvinyl chloride-PVC)by the chemical process –polymerization, filled with air. Quality depends on the thickness of the PVC. Thinner material means lower prices. You should pick the sizes according to your body height.

  •  Different sizes (55 cm to 85 cm) of yoga balls are available.
  • It holds up to 250lbs to 300lbs weight.

Here an awesome video of 20 minutes of exercise with yoga balls

12.Yoga chairs

Yoga chair or meditation chair is an awesome addition while twisting in the seated pose or in a restorative yoga pose for the ill or injured persons. Nowadays, a backless yoga chair is popular globally for hazardless yoga asanas.


13.Yoga socks & gloves

Gloves are extra helpful for proving traction. In Bikram or hot yoga, sweating is a hindrance to posture. Besides repeating poses make our palm & feet sweaty & slippery. Yoga socks & gloves are a great way to prevent unwanted disturbances. Moreover, in the winter season, they give warmth & energizes performing yoga posture.








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