The awesome aerial yoga extension straps[2021]-a useful way!

Are you very much enthusiast for doing aerial yoga in any outdoor location? Or, want a quick installation of yoga trapeze at your home studio with any height adjustable ceiling hooks? If your answer is yes, then the yoga swing  extension straps of aerial yoga hammock is the main solution. How?

As like you, I researched  for such kinds of daisy chains and choke loops available in the store and found some amazing straps as well.

What is an aerial yoga extension strap?

Indeed, extension strap or daisy chain is the connector between the yoga sling’s carabiner and swing hangers/ceiling mount.

Another way means, if you want to use yoga swing with a tree limb then this strap becomes the main connector for performing air yoga.

How extension strap works?

Daisy chain or extension strap works in the same way. But a little difference lies in its knotting process.

There you need to tie the strap’s one end with the hammock carabiner, and the other end with a tree limb, ceiling hooks or top bar simultaneously. It is convenient and simple because of loops. It helps to heighten or shorten your hammock according to your requirements.  

On the other hand, you can also tie yoga silk swings with daisy chains very well. Here, you need to know how you can knot securely with the both ends in a proper way. Please scroll down here to watch the video tutorial about it.


Best aerial yoga swing strap

In fact, for 360°rotation and reaching the maximum aerial yoga swing poses, additional swing straps play a crucial role in mid air. We assemble here the trusted expansion straps in brief.

1.Aerial yoga hammock daisy chains

Out of multi purposes usability, this aerial yoga hammock rigging straps must meet your  desired aerial yoga workout.

The high quality nylon made material  and 4.2 Ft. longer this hammock strap has 10 extender  loops. It certainly  heightens and lessens your antigravity hammock whatever position you like.

It allows mounting your yoga silk swing with any of the sources-tree trunk, exposed beam, ceiling hooks or yoga frame doorway as well.

Notable Features

  • Every strap can hold a maximum 500 lbs.(static) and 250lbs.(dynamic) weight load.
  • This yoga trapeze strap is long enough(4.2 Ft.)  to give you up to install the swing11Ft. higher tree branch or ceiling ,hooks.
  • Excellent for restorative yoga classes where you need to hang the best yoga swing closer to the ground.
  • Very lucid explained manual.
  • It is very convenient.
  • Amazing customer rating-9.2 out of 10 


 2.Best extra long hanging straps-Hammock sky store                              

 How many “S” type hooks did you watch with trapeze strap? Yes, now I’m telling you about such extra hanging straps of the brand Hammock sky.

If you want to get durable, safe and astonishing colored straps, then there are many reasons to pick this kind of extender rope.

The sophisticated engineering process makes this hammock strap to adjust with any suspension elements including swing, hammock regardless of thicker end loops.

The non-stretch seat belt polyester material allows the most secured hammock hanging in any indoor or outdoor location.

As, the O-ring and  S-hooks combinedly are  1200 Lbs weight tested. So, this is heavy and no compromise with safety.

Moreover, the lifetime warranty deal gives you worrying free fly yoga always!

Length:10.17 Ft.

Weight capacity:1200 lbs.(both) and 600 lbs.(Single)

Notable features

  • It is longer than many other available hammock straps in the market.
  • Very simple installation process with the O-ring and S-hook.
  • The texture of the wooden cotton is very skin friendly.
  • It wraps around  almost any sized tree.
  • Lifetime warranty 


 3.BUSATIA tree swing straps

Our next pick is excellent rated BUSATIA tree swing straps. These are fantastic not only for their sturdiness and safety features but also for water repellent and weather resistant as well.

I personally like its rings and hooks as they are larger than many other available straps in the market.

Moreover, the premium quality carabiners certainly save your cost when you buy aerial yoga hammock  with carabiners separately.   

Length:5 Ft.(each)

Maximum capacity:1102 lbs./500 kg

Notable features

  • High strength nylon straps, means, resistant against heat and cold.
  • Welded ‘D’ rings and carabiners are very durable.
  • Installation is very simple.
  • Package includes with transportable bag
  • BUTASIA provides amazing customer support.


4. FOME outdoor  extender strap for aerial yoga

One of the best easy methods of securing aerial yoga contraption is a daisy chain. It doesn’t matter whatever is your hanging source, or it’s the altitude.

 If it meets minimum height requirements for hammock exercise, the daisy chain may be your excellent portable trapeze yoga workout.

FOME is a well-trusted sports & fitness products brand. Its daisy chain is accessible in aerial yoga as a knot with trapeze or hammock, sling, punching bags, climbing or any swing chair etc.

I like its  100% Terylene fabric much. Means, makes it ultra strong to hold the heavier weight as well. 

Length is enough(3 Ft.) to knot with any suspension elements &  two options 6/10 loops provide to shorten or lengthen your as what you desire. Note that no carabiner or mounting hardware is included in the package.

Max. weight capacity: 882 lbs. /400 kg.

Length: 36 inch

Notable features

  • Great  for all suspensions elements, including yoga trapeze/sling. 
  • Easily height adjustable.
  • Super stitching & non-stretching
  • Price is very reasonable.
  • Amazing customer rating-9.8 out of 10

5.Dasking climbing straps

Now,I’m going to narrate to you the customers trusted Dasking climbing strap rope.You may know that we discussed earlier about Dasking antigravity hammock(all in one package).

Anyhow,to tell you separately about the daisy chain,there are many apparent reasons to pick it.

Length:3.7 Ft.

Weight capacity:23 kn

Notable features:

  • This one pair(2 daisy chains) is from 100% nylon.
  • Perfect to do aerial workout at varying heights.
  • Excellent as versatile  uses as rock/tree climbing,gymnastic rings,rigging etc.
  • 08 Loops are very convenient for heightening or shortening what you deserve with your best yoga swing.
  • Great stitching quality and webbing weight. 


6.Daisy chain extender rope

Our next pick is Upliftactive’s best rated daisy chain extender rope.As a mission to “Make aerial yoga and aerial arts accessible to everyone”,its extender rope is notable for its quality and convenience as well

Length:3.5 Ft.

Maximum  safety weight:190 lbs./87 kg per rope


  • This chain has 10 loops that are very adjustable with your preferred heights.
  • The double layer strength allows for hanging yoga trapeze from 14 Ft. ceiling heights.
  • Excellent 24/7/365 ticketing response.


7.Heavy-duty tree swing straps by Royal Oak

    When you feel a light carriage for your aerial yoga outdoors,then this  heavy duty tree straps by the Royal Oak can be the best alternative. The commercial grade nylon fights against rough weather and harsh conditions all time.

Length:12 Ft.& 4 Ft.  Wide:2 inches                                                                                                                                                            Weight capacity: Each strap holds up to 2200 Lbs/998 kg, Total for two is 4400 Lbs. /1996 kg.


  • Each strap has a heavy-duty screw-lock carabiner in its end for versatile suspension elements.
  • A screw lock has a strong hook. It holds up to 200 lbs/91 kg.
  • Very sturdy, durable & finished design to prevent tree branch or wooden beam damages.
  • According to your height requirements, the strap can be shortened by wrapping more times & in this way, it supports extra strength support.
  • Swiveling or spinning is easy.
  • Production is non-chemicals process with UV technology.
  • Very much weatherproof.
  • Easily adjustable & removable.

8.Super tree strap by PYS Outdoor

PYS Outdoor, a subsidiary company of RuiYu Outdoor, is an excellent initiative for outdoor products, established in 2012.


  • Strap 's length is 5 Ft./10 Ft.(Two sizes) & width -3.81 cm/1.5 inch.
  • Weight capacity =1000 Lbs /454 kg (Single strap).
  • Material: Two SUS 304 steel carabiners.


  • Each strap has five/ten  loops for wrapping assistance.
  • One duffel bag with an instruction card.
  • Super strong  polyester ingredient.
  • Easily height adjustable  with the loop of strap & hanging source.
  • Installation is straightforward, just a few minutes.
  • Stitching is ultra heavy, no compromising with safety.
  • Excellent to tackle any rough weather.
  • Easily washable.

Wrap up

The best yoga swing extension straps what we discussed earlier, are the highly reviewed and rated as we believe in.

Anyhow, while picking an aerial yoga expansion straps, your main focus should be on quality, lengthier and maximum weight capacity of the both straps separately.

Noted that an even level tree branch is necessary here to use yoga trapeze smoothly & effortlessly.

Furthermore, when attaching yoga trapeze with carabiners, it moves with strap. So, swivel or bearing is essential also when you decide to pick finally.

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