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Miracle 10 best yoga trapeze reviews & hammock [2020]-the quick simple ways!

Whether you are familiar with the term yoga trapeze/yoga swing/aerial yoga hammock-these all sound the same  belong to aerial yoga.It  is the modified form of traditionally practiced yoga performing in mid-air with the help of aforementioned tool.Just be relaxed  & see at a glance of the useful yoga trapeze reviews that you may miss it out at  anywhere!

 In the global pandemic Coronavirus /COVID-19 situation,why  you locked down you or with family  depressingly at your home ?  Just spice up your  captive days doing yoga especially aerial yoga now !

Yoga is a century old  combined exercise of physical, mental & spiritual workout, originated in ancient India, now a daily global buzzing word.  This super-beneficial  universal workout is now in aerial poses globally known as aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga  by Christopher Harrison's  AntiGravity® Fitness.

Modern health specialists  & scientists recommend now to do  inversion exercise because gravity impacts our spine which is very healthy.

Moreover,this floating yoga or sky yoga  allows a numerous health benefits as , during inversion, vertebrae get more space among them. Moreover, opposite blood circulation pressure rejuvenates instantly stress-free & energizes the body cell with freshness. Furthermore, gravity makes our body & mind more aware & focused & balanced.


                                Our top Picks!

Budget Friendly


Yoga4You offers an excellent anti-gravity yoga swing
  • E-book for installation & poses
  • Up to 11 Ft. height adjustable 
  • Quality stitches & comfortable 
  • Super alternative to inversion table
Second Best


UpCircleSeven is another best Trapeze yoga swing!
  • In-depth yoga swing guide
  • Large swing seat + foam padding
  • Extremely  for lower  back pain
  • Excellent customer rating
This is Yogabody yoga-trapeze best features

Are you experienced about the newly global buzz term of inversion exercise & its excellent benefits? YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze® is the first most effective aerial yoga silk for performing inversion therapy, was introduced in 2007 by famous nutritionist Lucas Rockwood.

There are many beyond parameters about picking this silk & thousands of yoga practitioners keep trust in it.

Its U-shaped seat is about 9 Ft. long with two bracket ends. This trapeze is very adjustable with any yoga trapeze hanging sources like free stand/door mount bar/swing sets or from ceiling hooks with nylon ropes that are covered with packages.

What do you know about Traction Jackson pose? It is only possible while hanging from the hips. This yoga swing conveniently helps to decompress the spine & instantly release unhealthy spinal stiffness.

Flexible body & muscle is a must for gaining more advanced yoga poses or more stamina. YOGABODY's every handle is 4 Ft. lengthy, fully customizable according to your preferred comfortable distance. Moreover, it stretches up to 4.5 ft to 5 Ft. that fits your whole body with maximum mobility. This swing is the ultimate yoga prop for doing suspension yoga to improve flexibility.

Another one of the most noticeable hammock construction of YOGABODY  yoga trapeze reviews is its Parachute fabric, mainly Ripstop Nylon, as a raw material. This nylon fabric is more thick thread than average & completely zero porosity means to tear, fire & water-resistant.

A carabiner is a very significant issue while doing all handstand exercises, especially on air. Its three pairs of carabiners are spacious with foam padded handle. As a trapeze or swing hanger, this carabiner is certified as gym graded.

Furthermore, as this swing can be easily installed in the home (Ceiling/Door frame mount bar/Exposed beam) or outdoor & this hammock's load capacity is at least 158 kg/350 lbs, it may be placed as your best alternative prop to spice your couple life.

Last but not least, YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze® offers a premium tutorial & aerial poses chart for your worrying free installation & workout. Isn't it the best time to use this excellent trapeze at your home, backyard, or gym?


  • Safety weight limit: 350lbs (Tested up to 600 lbs)
  • Item weight:3.79 lbs/1.72 kg
  • Pair of ropes
  • Six separate handles (2 Short +2 Medium +2 Long sizes) + 6 Carabiners
  • Exclusive rubber handles
  • Color: Orange/Red,Purple/lilac & Green/Blue.
  •  Each carabiner has home gym rubber handles, which give a super & comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable nylon ropes to use from the ceiling.
  • Parachute nylon & non-toxic fabric gives an extra-strong & safest inversion exercise.
  • Lead-free fabric & easily washable.
  • Elegantly designed.
  • An excellent duffel bag.
  • Parts warranty is for ten years & a one (01) year satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  • Amazing customer rating-9.4 out of 10
  • The package doesn't cover any substantive hardware mounts
  • It is pricier than others

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze® is more than an aerial hammock. Quality & supporting accessories making it extra attractive for the beginners or seasoned yogi to professionals.

It's easy installation guidelines from home to a tree branch, are hailed by yoga practitioners. The superb comfy & durability doesn't compromise than many other trapeze yoga brand. It is undoubtedly a great buy.

2. INTEY aerial yoga sling (With ceiling anchors)

This awesome INTEY Yoga trapeze is certainly best yoga swing!

INTEY is a global VIP sports & outdoor products brand. Probably, the Intey aerial yoga sling kit is the first a complete package with multi-types of mounting accessories.

Firstly, the noticeable feature of this trapeze is its Polyester Taffeta, a century-old fabric used by Persians. As a well known luxurious mimics silk, it offers yoga practitioners a soothing yoga workout without any hassle.

This sky yoga hammock silk is very mild & enough strength to carry 450 Lbs/200 kg easily. Moreover, the triple-stitched fabric is more than Yoga Trapeze & excellently works as an aerial cocoon also. The spacious seat allows comfortable star inversion poses.

It incredibly helps to lessen weight & shape your body balanced & fit.

Foam padded handles give a super grip while challenging poses like shoulder stretching posture. Furthermore, extension straps (3 Ft. long) with multi loops allow adjusting with any hanging source easily.

Those who are in chronic lower back pain sufferers, INTEY yoga trapeze is the best alternative to using an inversion table as it relieves you being pulled.

Another most important issue of this yoga swing package is its multiple installing ways. Necessary mounting hardware comes with this for setting up from concrete ceiling stud or wooden beam. Moreover, nylon strapping with ceiling stud, exposed beam, tree branch, pull up bar, etc. are easily some great options to use conveniently.

Last but not least, as a versatile yoga swing, INTEY Yoga Trapeze/Sling offers you ultimate freedom in the case of installation & usages. Its smooth & sturdy type fabric makes the trapeze distinct in getting maximum aerial benefits, including muscle building to abs burning.


  • Item weight:6.74 lbs/3.57 kg
  • 03 Ft/36''long daisy chain extension strap
  • 04 alloy hooks
  • Two different sets of bolts (4 concrete & 4 hex bolts)
  •  Adjustable ceiling heights.
  •  Easy Installation with multiple sources
  • It has versatile usages to use as a home gym tool or aerial hammock in any charming seaside or natural outdoor relaxation.
  • An excellent alternative buy of inversion table or yoga ball to relieve back pain & make stronger upper to lower body core muscles.
  • Reliable & durable mounting hardware.
  • Easily washable except handles.
  • Excellent bundle of aerial yoga.
  • Fantastic follow-up customer service.
  • The trapeze is stretch free, so a little difficulty arises while doing advanced yoga poses.
  • The size of the carabiner is a little smaller.

INTEY Yoga swing possesses many customizable options to use & it is excellent to handle all levels of ages from 10 to 45 years or beyond.

Whatever makes you a worry-herniated disc, lower back pain, arms' weakness, this aerial prop comes to relieve you of many physical illnesses. INTEY offers almost all kinds of hanging sources to rig the yoga hammock with its package at the same price.

3. Yoga Trapeze by Yoga4You

Yoga4You offers an excellent anti-gravity yoga swing

A New Jersey-based non-profit organization, Yoga4You is now a trusted yoga brand by its expert team members-Nicole Lepe, Tiffany Mercer & Tonya Catando.

With the message of "your first step into the anti-gravity world"-its complete aerial swing set is hailed by global yoga enthusiasts.

This sky yoga trapeze swing is from nylon fabric, which offers repurposed nylon parachutes. This double layer fabric becomes an effective alternative to silk in the case of durability & expenses.

Secondly, the main trapeze sling is exclusively lengthy & widen(8 Ft. L 5 Ft. W). Practitioners or seasoned yogi to professionals find extra space for performing beginners to advanced aerial yoga poses effortlessly.

Moreover, the expandable straps( 24" L 6'' W) with ten loops included in the package, helps the trapeze more heightened(11 Ft.) to install the primary swing allowing extra customizable to hang with ceiling stud, exposed beam, sturdy board in the basement, door frame, tree branch, swing hangers/ceiling hooks, free aerial yoga stand or in the gym bar.

This convenient installation feature makes it more acceptable. Furthermore, all six handles gripping with certified weight-tested carabiners are sturdy enough to give inversion therapy for lymphatic cleansing, rejuvenating your complete body cell & muscles.

In fine, the Y4Y swing allows extra room to use this trapeze yoga indoor & outdoor simultaneously.

Our observation is that the manufacturer can improve its a tad bit of installation instructions.


  • Main sling dimension:98''(L) 59"(W)
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs/273 kg
  • E-Book/PDF manual
  • 02 convenient duffel bag
  • 3 handles dimension:49'' Longer handle 30'' Middle 9.5 smallest
  • Colors:Black/Blue/Fuchsia/Green/Sea-wave (5 colors)
  •  Adjustable heights with the 10 loop of extension straps.
  •  Excellent to use indoor or outdoor.
  • An additional double layer U-loop seat provides a comfortable workout.
  • A lucrative carrying portable bag for yoga trapeze classes or any outdoor.
  • Handles foam is 100% EVA & latex free. Carabiners are Sharpless.
  • The E-book is enough to start aerial yoga poses.
  • Easily washable in washing machines without carabiners.
  • It has satisfactory customer support.
  • Amazing customer rating-9.4 out of 10
  • Climbing accessories of suspension hooks/brackets are not covered.
  • Not in-details manual.

Y4Y has conquered numerous yogi enthusiasts for its best quality trapeze fabric & convenient, customizable usages.The afore-mentioned details about this yoga trapeze reviews give the practitioners  some important value.

For elongating your spine & strengthening the whole body plus enjoying non-yoga activities, this very cost-effective trapeze swing is never the best alternative instead of it.

4.UpCircleSeven Yoga Trapeze

UpCircleSeven is another best Trapeze yoga swing!

UpCircleSeven Yoga swing is one of the best inventions of inversion exercise for this era. And most probably, it is the first yoga trapeze reviews, which accredits with a 1k up rating!

The most remarkable feature of this trapeze is its triple-stitched parachute fabric. It offers superb safety & tested up to 550 lbs. Furthermore, two additional daisy chains with multi loops add extra protection of nearly 200 lbs each hanging end. So, it's fantastic.

Secondly, with the mission of perfect inversion therapy without a table, this swing comes with a larger swing seat size. Furthermore, longer(250cm) & wider(150cm) design helps to reach the maximum level of aerial yoga benefits-stiff spinal release, core body workout, muscle building & mostly relieves all degenerative lower back, hip, neck pain, disc problem, etc.

Then, The design & construction of handles & carabiners' is very sophisticated. The diameter of each handle(1.25 inch) is larger than many other brands.And, precisely, the tensile strength(200 lb) of carabiner exclusively differentiates with the available swing, where no capacity is defined. It makes this trapeze safer in a yoga studio or personal possession.

UpCircleSeven yoga swing offers from doorway installation to backyard tree branch easily. The provided looped daisy chains are excellent to shorten or heighten the main trapeze sling within just 30 seconds for your individual family members' height.

Last but not least, like yoga, gymnastics, contortionist enthusiasts, this aerial silk kit is very affordable & customizable. You can trust UpCircleSeven yoga trapeze like TRX training if you are still hesitant and never experienced with aerial yoga.

Our concern about this swing is that if the manufacturer could provide mounting accessories, then it incredibly will be a great yoga swing package.


  •  Max weight load capacity: 550 Lbs/249.5 kg
  •  04 Carabiners,
  • E-PDF: 32 Pg. in-depth guide
  •  03 Ft. length daisy chain
  • Colors:Turquoise/Blue/Black/Purple/Pink/Orange(6)


  • Spacious & wider swing seat allows you maximum freedom air exercise
  •   The sling is large enough to give you room for almost any size
  • Better padding relieves you from flying like a spider pose without any trouble in the future.
  • E-book provides you to show how to connect the handles & even some beginner to advanced yoga poses.
  • Price is affordable
  •  No mounting hardware accessories.
  • It may not be an alternative to an aerial hammock for used as cocooned for more than 5.5 Ft. tall body.

As a more than average lengthier & wider yoga swing, UpcircleSeven Trapeze offers exclusive advanced aerial yoga poses like bat pose or downward dog pose, whether indoor or outdoor nature.

This swing should be in your shortlist based on quality+durability + safety + low price and convenient installment.

5. YOGATAIL Yoga Swing

As a perfect aerial yoga trapeze YOGATAIL saves you a lot!

With the message creed of "Think simple be transparent'' –YOGATAIL is a dedicated global yoga trapeze product brand.

Firstly, the swing fabric is a triple stitched mildest parachute that gives additional safety while staying off the ground & it holds (273 Kg/600lbs) near two persons effortlessly.

Secondly,this yoga swing offers a spacious room(L -8.5 Ft. & W-4.7 Ft) for yoga practitioners. It allows an excellent exploring weightless gravity exercise in the mid-air & moderately cocoon also.

The pro-graded stainless steel non-locking Sharpless Carabiners & gym graded padded foam handles are studio quality & weight tested. These are very important for performing worrying free sky yoga.

YOGATAIL yoga trapeze allows the seasoned or professional yogis to do ultimate free aerial movement by reducing pressure on whatever angle s/he chooses.

Besides, It allowsTRX style workouts, which is the most beneficial exercise in the suspension training to make your joints healthier.

Two height-adjustable daisy chains/straps are very secure to install/hang with multiple sources, including trapeze stand, doorway mount bar, tree branch, exposed beam, ceiling mounts/hooks, or stud with eye bolts, etc.

Last but not least, whether you are in osteoarthritis in back, disc herniated in the neck, or scoliosis problem, this YOGATAIL swing simultaneously works as a restorative yoga & saving you hundred dollars to buy extra gym tools for the or upper back traction.


  • Product weight:3.7 lbs/1.68 kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 600 lbs /273 kg
  • Four carabiners,02 Daisy chains,06 Padded handles
  • E-book
  • Mold resistant.
  • Quality rigging accessories
  • Installation & instruction manual(E-book) very much helpful from beginners to advanced yogis/practitioners.
  • Extra-large non-locking carabiners are easy to disassemble after use.
  • Stylish looking portable bags include.
  • The price is excellent.
  • 05 Years warranty.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  •  Mounting accessories not included.
  • Not wide enough for lay in.

The "all in one" package YOGATAIL yoga trapeze reviews is perfect & recommended by yoga teacher, physical therapist & celebrities. As a versatile product for hardcore working out from aerial poses to Savasana, the YOGATAIL swing is highly recommended.

6. Yoga trapeze kit by CO-Z

The rave reviews of CO-Z that it is the best yoga swing

The CO-Z yoga swing offers a great way to reach your aerial yoga to the next level with quality products & more than average installation ways at a low price in a complete package.

OMG, most probably this package is one of the best complete deals with mounting accessories - fixing bases(2),expansion bolts(8),hooks(4) & extension straps.

Firstly, the trapeze is fully manufactured in an automated weaving facilities process, named polyester taffeta, the oldest luxurious fabric, since the third century by Persian artisans. It is UV resistant & moisture free to do aerial yoga exercise very delightfully.

Secondly, this taffeta is very tough to hold( 400 Lbs/182 kg) & spacious seat for performing yoga & non-yoga activities very easily. The longer(8.2 Ft.) & wider( 5 ft.) main trapeze sling allows performing simple to advanced yoga poses effortlessly.

As a sky yoga enthusiast, I like its anti-skid padded handles with flexible clips that give a very comfortable spongy grip for the extra time in an anti-gravity position. In any floating yoga posture, hand & foot stands are very critical considerations, because sweat may create you a nightmare of aerial yoga experience.

The height-adjustable two heavy-duty daisy chains come to make you fun for all your family members by heightening or lessening trapeze sling.

Last but not least, as a durable & secured trapeze /hammock, the CO-Z yoga trapeze is dedicated to inversion exercise to make your spine healthy & to cleanse your body. It comes with multiple installation options, no matter whether it is a lofted room, garage, free-standing yoga stand, ceiling, cedar, or wooden beam or tree branch.

Ours is a little concerned about this product because of its absence of wooden beam bolts, if the manufacturer includes Hex lag bolts, it will be a mythic yoga swing.


Weight limit:182 kg/400lbs

02 Fixing bases,8 Expansion bolts,04 hooks & 02 Extended straps

E-PDF Manual for mounting & poses

  • Excellently soft, lightweight & comfortable
  • It is sturdy, durable, colorfast & spacious.
  • All kinds of mounting accessories
  • This high-density nylon trapeze is easily washable & dried-up.
  • A nice portable bag
  • Very prompt & personal customer service.
  • Excellent price.
  •  No wood lag bolts to install in on the wooden beam.
  • Material is non-stretchy.

As with literally everything, the CO-Z yoga trapeze is an excellent combination of price & quality. It is a fabulous product for its convenient multiple installation ways & ultimate inversion therapy.

If you are still hesitant about purchasing this swing with our yoga trapeze reviews, try it one time with spending some little bucks & enjoy a ton of aerial benefits plus a tremendous sensory feeling.

 7.Aerial yoga Hammock kit by Healthy Model Life

If you are searching the best yoga trapeze Healthy Model life is certainly a superb choice.

Based on complete aerial yoga workout,Healthy Model Life aerial silk comes to thrill you with a great feeling of air exercise.As a distinct difference from the design of yoga swing,it is more wider(9.2 Ft) & lengthier(12.5Ft.)  than you can ever find in trapeze or any sling.

Firstly,I would like to tell you about its superb quality nylon silk blend fabric which is elastic quality-stretchy spandex.This is extra mild than parachute & the touch is really awesome while aerial poses or in cocooned.

 As a larger aerial silk package,it  includes height adjustable two longer daisy chains(6.8 Ft. each)& two High strength carabiners (Pre attached).This offers to hang your favourite yoga silk with tree branch,any pull up stand,wood beam,cedar or any home indoor if you separately install hardware mounting to ceiling.

This aerial design evenly distributes your whole body gravity & can be alternative to yoga wheels/inversion table for  performing as incredible inversion therapy. 

Last but not least,the spacious body of Healthy Model Life yoga hammock enables doing beneficial  floating yoga poses like  straight-legged inversion pose & others perfectly.

If the manufacturer incorporates hardware mounting,then it will certainly be hailed by the hammock community. 


  • Silk dimension:12.5 Ft.(L) 9.2 Ft.(Wide)

  • Weight capacity:440 Lbs/200kg

  • Package include:Hammock + 02 Carabiners + 02 Daisy Chains + Bag

  • Very durable & quality product
  • Installation & yoga class(a link over mail) are in the package
  • Great for snuggling
  • Luxurious color
  • More than average, longer straps are fantastic to loop over any higher tree branch or  beam.
  • Very prompt & personal customer service.
  • Great price
  • No rigging hardware mounting to the ceiling.

With a great package including aerial yoga classes,it certainly an excellent addition to your kiddo & your family. 

Whether you are a novice of air yoga or professional, as an already set up with knots & clips, Healthy Model Life aerial hammock should be in your shortlist.

8. Aerial Silk Hammock by Aum Active

As a perfect aerial yoga swing,Aum Active offers a great package.

Whenever You search for a proof of safety features about your preferred aerial yoga hammock, then it undoubtedly goes to the most highly rated Aum Active Aerial hammock.

Fabric design & quality: What about you know about Tricot fabric? It is from a flatbed knitting machine with Polyester/Nylon spandex blends. It incorporates elastic yarns & aesthetic characteristics. This tricot is 40 Denier indicates the ultra thickness, whether you are in aerial poses or a cocoon, this design contours you very comfortably.

Lucrative features: Are you searching a wider & longer aerial fabric or additional elements more than average aerial swing in store? Yes, you can find it here. Its length(13 Ft.) & width(9 Ft.) & weight capacity ( 660 Lbs/299 kg) certainly calm you whether you are plus size or your height near 7Ft.!

Additional features: Unlike most other aerial swings, it offers 02 O-slings(300 lbs load rate each), two high strength Carabiners(23 kn/660 lbs load rating each!),02 daisy chains( 300 lbs load rate each) & six different elegant colors in its great package.

Convenience: This aerial yoga swing set is simple to use as it comes with a pre-knotted & 02-page installation instruction guide. Moreover,03 Ft. (each) height adjustable 02 straps(with six loops each) are very convenient to increase or decrease by making a knot at the end of an aerial hammock according to your preference. It is straightforward to use in your indoor(7Ft. To 11 Ft.

Ceiling or higher) & multiple outdoor sources as doorway frame, exposed beam or tree branch simultaneously.

A perfect anti-gravity yoga swing: It incorporates all inversion therapy to your body while decompressing the spine, Pilates core exercise, strengthening body muscles & a quick release of all body-mind tension.

Last but not least, as a recommended anti-gravity hammock by aerialists & yoga teachers, Aum Active yoga swing accredited rave reviews by lots of customers.


Hammock dimension:13 Ft/3.96m(L) 9 Ft./2.75m(w)

Weight capacity:660 Lbs/299 kg

  • High configuration allows using the aerial silk without carabiners.
  • Installation(E-book) is super easy as it already pre-knotted into straps.
  • Remarkably thinner but stretches perfectly
  • Very cheerful & gorgeous color
  • Great for SPD & autism as a sensory swing.
  • Amazing price
  • No rigging hardware parts

Whether you are a vegan & novice of aerial yoga, a studio-quality Aum Active aerial silk is more than average parachute fabric at a very affordable price. Whether you are in bare skin or clothing, this soft fabric is always great for yoga workout + relaxation and sublimation (Spinal lengthening)

As a home yoga practice prop, it comes to reaching you to the next level. As a large, durable & extra comfortable maneuvering for all the levels,Aum Active aerial hammock is a great buy.

9. Dasking aerial silks (All in one Package)

Dasking Aerial silks for yoga,aerialists,Pilates as a superb aerial swing kit

What cool features are you searching about your preferred aerialist silks or aerial swings for the yoga trapeze reviews manual? Dasking premium aerial silks yoga swing kit comes with everything you indeed wondered.

A complete package: It is a complete package except anchor to attach to the ceiling. Dasking package allows your yoga hammock workout indoors from a wooden beam, aerial yoga stand, gym exercise stand, or outdoor backyard or seaside tree branch. This suspension yoga package certainly relieves you a lot of hassle from buying safety equipment separately.

Amazing 10 yards quality aerial silk: The high quality 40 Denier Nylon is elegantly 6.5 times more upper in diameter of silk strand. The Dasking offers this high strength(500kg/1102 lbs) tent fabric with extra long(10 Meter/32.80 Ft.) & wider(2.8 M/9.19 Ft.) than you ever notice in any hammock for yoga.

Freedom of color: Which color pleases or calms you? Dasking offers nearly 14 gorgeous colors.What is your favorite color? Is it Lavender/Light blue/Multi-color B/C/G  or Cherry pink?

Incredible safety features: Air yoga is now straightforward & extremely safe because of weight certified yoga swing best. Dasking gradually develops its aerial yoga set with the vision of aerial yoga for all. The screw lock carabiner(tested weight: 23 KN/5060 Lbs), mountaineering swivel(32 Kn means 6744 Lbs), daisy chains, rescue 8 & ox horn Carabiner are ultimately great to let yoga in hammocks,, acrobat dancer or pilates simultaneously.

Convenient: Dasking aerial silks swing set allows 360𝆩 movements effortlessly. During floating pose, its mountaineering swivel allows easy movement in whatever point an aerialist practitioner desires to do sky yoga poses. Moreover, depending on the support of the hanging source, the daisy chain (105cm/3.5 Ft.) eases a height-adjustable hammock installation.

Versatile usages: Besides, aerialists/ acrobat dancing prop/yoga with hammock, Dasking aerial silks simultaneously be home decor, sleepover party tent or pilates, etc.

Last but not least, Dasking aerial silks meet the perfect aerial yoga hammock characteristics. To do perfectly, aerial poses workout, follow the following video.


Silk dimension:32.80Ft./10 m(L) 9.19 Ft./2.8m(W)

Weight capacity:500 kg/1102 Lbs

02 Carabiners/02 Daisy chains/

Swing Swivel/OX horn-like carabiner

Instruction manual

  • Latest technology based high standard, durable nylon fabric
  • Installation is super easy with manual
  • Huge multiple colors available
  • Additional safety ensures by rescue 8
  • Versatile usages.
  • Satisfactorily customer service.
  • Ceiling mounting base or anchor is absent

Dasking aerial silks offer many aerial poses for aerial arts, yoga & Pilates. Every part of its package is securely weight tested & certified.

If you're searching for a superb aerial silks kit, it should be in your shortlist.

10. Printed aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipment by UPLIFT ACTIVE

Uplift Active hand-dyed ombre aerial yoga hammock swing for all aged people

If you are still confused about which yoga swing best, we would like to suggest you scan at a glance of UPLIFT ACTIVE site. A US-based manufacturer, Uplift Active is a trendy name in the yoga community, especially for all kinds of quality air yoga rigging equipment by its near 25 years experienced globally recognized team leader & aerial yoga instructor, Elaine Eason.

Freedom of sizes:

While you are uncertain about the fixed dimensions of yoga-swings in the market or store with your limited ceiling or any hanging sources height, the Aerial Yoga Gear™ offers six different hammock sizes (6 yards to 9 yards) & exclusively defines which sizes are adjustable according to your preferred height.

Fabric quality & design: The aerial hammock is dedicatedly from studio quality 40 Denier nylon tricot silk. It is little stretchy,comfortable,durable & high strength(440 Lbs/200 kg safe load tested).Moreover, it is wider(9.2 Ft./2.4 to 2.8 m) than any other trapeze or hammock brand you find in the market.

Quality rigging features: Considering your ultimate safety, Uplift Active offers quality rigging equipment & defines certified weight on its parts. The two heavy-duty screw lock steel carabiners (500kg/1102 Lbs -safe load) & two longer(3.5 Ft./1.07 m) heavy nylon daisy chains (190Lbs/ 86 kg-safe load per rope) are certainly killing sky yoga swing set specifications.

Fabulous hand-dyed Colors: Uplift offers pleasing hammock colors than you ever found. Are you familiar with hand-dyed ombre colors? It is the combination of dip dyeing & color bleeding/gradated dyeing, gradually achieved by hand-dipping to fabric way. As a part of artistic yoga sense in the air, every hammock comes with multiple soothing ombre colors.

Perfect aerial yoga prop & cocoon: Uplift Active Aerial Yoga Gear™ is committed to providing you accurate sizes & safest hammock/swing to reach you the next level of yoga hanging. It allows all simple to advanced aerial yoga poses from any desired angle & very excellent to get cocooned effortlessly.

Last but not least, Uplift Active aerial yoga hammock is a wonderful quality best yoga swing not only for its product but also for excellent customer service.


One 40 Denier aerial yoga hammock silk

Two stainless steel carabiners

02 Daisy chains for height adjustment

Knot tying guide + on-line pose guide +video tutorials

  • Installation & instructions for tying the hammock knot is self-explanatory.
  • Safest rigging equipment
  • Very vibrant & fresh color
  • Videos are beneficial
  • Very personalized customer services
  • 24/7/365 email & ticket support.
  • You need to buy ceiling mounting hardware separately.

Uplift Active offers superb freedom to install the aerial suspension hammock in any suitable place. For any aged group from kids to older whether you are seasoned or professionals’ yoga practitioners, it certainly encourages all to do inversion exercise very simply in a very convenient way.

Considering its affordability, most customizable options about sizes & colors, it should be in your shortlist.

The most considerable factors while buying yoga trapeze

As the earlier described the best yoga trapeze brand with in detailed yoga trapeze reviews, we see there are some popular brands with almost everything you need to perform aerial yoga.

Trapeze length or height adjust-ability

Trapeze hanging source should be the prime considerable factors when to buy yoga trapeze. Where you use it-is it in the trapeze stand ? or bedroom, veranda, garage, beam or with ceiling hooks, door pull up bar or tree branch? Based on the sources-you can assume how much lengthy trapeze you need or whether you need height adjustable daisy chains or tree straps.

Trapeze fabric 

Trapeze fabric is then another crucial issue. Most fabric’s material is strong nylon taffeta & others are parachute type. Some manufacturers provide double & some are triple stitched. Some are stretchy & some are non-stretchy. Silkiest fabric allows you a comfortable aerial yoga workout.

Trapeze color

It is scientifically proven that color makes you happy or gloomy. Pleasing color is important to merge your body & mind in the aerial yoga to get maximum benefits. Producers offer stylish & sounding multi-colors yoga trapeze. Pick your preferred color & do fun.


Budget is the most prime factor to pick the best yoga trapeze .Some popular brand is expensive as more than 500$ ,on the other hand some less known trapeze manufacturers also produce sturdy, quality & durable trapeze which cost under 100 $. So, the wise buy should be a tricky considerable ways-as only less pricey trapeze & buy mounting kits as daisy chains, carabiners, door frame bar brackets or bolts separately whatever you feel comfy to use in your home or outdoor.


Products’ warranty & guaranty are vital factors while picking yoga trapeze. As you are not physically present in the store, so after purchasing if you get unmatched product-this privilege ensure you money back guaranty. Moreover some sellers offer a certain time of satisfaction guaranty.

Finally, Isn’t it time to decompress & stretch your body to reach core workout, strengthening arms & burning abs within a little time?

Whether you have severe degenerative arthritis in neck or back or spinal compression is a daily life matter for long-standing sitting or driving, it is the time to start antigravity postures.

By relieving all myofascial tissue release & to adieu lower back pain & herniated disc as suggested by Endocrinologist/Modern health professionals, yoga trapeze is the best alternative to the inversion table.

Picking your best yoga swing or trapeze for performing gravity exercise will undoubtedly be the perfect & low impact mind, body & soul workout in a harmonious way.

Happy flying!

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