Yoga trapeze poses

The super beneficial Yoga Trapeze Poses or aerial yoga poses are now a proven ultimate health exercise method. From celebrities to mass health-conscious people do yoga very easily now with yoga trapeze or hammock.

Ordinary yoga poses are difficult or sometimes impossible on the ground, yoga trapeze has made it convenient from starter to advanced yogis. With six grip handles, our body can get very flexible mobility up to 360 degrees. Whilst stretching horizontally, vertically or utmost backbend inversion- modern maximum health exercises are finished here centrally supported on the pelvic area. The real enjoyment is about the unprecedented feelings of gravity of your body which you achieve by continuing exercises.

Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc. Yoga Poses have now become comfortable poses with yoga trapeze or aerial hammock.

Spend seeing just a few seconds of our learning.

Beginners pose-1

Yoga trapeze poses:Beginners pose


Whether you take yoga trapeze in out or your home, the above-pictured posture should practice first.-Trapeze fabric support upper back & lower grip handle support down back.-Touch your square foot on the ground.-Take a deep breath and touch both hands finger until you hold.Do this practice several times initially.


Beginners ‘ pose-2

Yoga trapeze pose

Not just as traditional gym equipment, soft trapeze fabric supports your body with upper hand position. Process-move forward & back two legs as pictured above-Give your body pressure on back foot’s toes-Twist your forward knee so that it’s foot be straightforward. Do this exercise alternatively changing both legs.

Beginners’ pose-3


yoga trapeze pose


Initial antigravity exercise should be this way as the pose helps to bend the lower body flexible way and thus it further deepens the durability of inverse position. Process-Put your waist on the lower grip on the trapeze.-Move your upper part and touch both wrists on mat plainly.-Bend your knee and try to touch toes with upper grip. Do this as you feel maximum body stretch

Star inversion pose

It greatly reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, and mild depression. By soothing the mind & to concentrate more clearly.


Yoga trapeze poses:inversion yoga trapeze pose


It approves gravity to align the spine decompressing naturally. Women are greatly benefitted from menstrual cramps & menopause disorders.




The pigeon pose on Trapeze



Using ultra most hip opening, upper back & with flexible chest-the pigeon pose is very helpful for total body workout. By twisting your body in the air it helps the muscles and bones turning melodious. Whilst full antigravity effects here on this pose.Process:-Adjust your trapeze according to your height so that upper back lays down keeping enough space from the ground.-Put your pelvic zone on trapeze fabric-Lay down head & bend your knee while entering the middle grip-Try to catch leg’s toes with both hand’s finger-After a certain tense does it pose on another leg.


The banana man pose


Using Two knees with the full inverse position, the banana pose helps the blood circulation instantly from a normal downside to the brain & upper muscle thus energizing body cells and joints. This asana is great to open shoulders and back.

Process:-Adjust trapeze to a little height so that both hands fall free.-Enter your two knees on both sides trapeze handle grip-Touch both ankle end as pictured.


Backbend pose

The extra beneficial pose for back, abdominal and arms-this posture is really a killer exercise on the Trapeze.

Trapeze backbend pose

Process:-Put your hip on trapeze fabric then slowly bend your body inversely.-Keep your head a little distance from the ground-try to catch one leg’s foot by both hands & bend your another leg with fabric. Do this alternative change.


Shoulder & leg stretching pose

yoga trapeze stretching pose


A killer shoulder & leg stretching pose relieves all kinds of abnormality. As full gravitational pressure on body divides into three-shoulder, middle part and legs, here antigravity therapy works best. Process:-Keep your body pressure on the full fabric.-Touch your trapeze’s lower expanded cloth.-Touch foot’s toes with higher grip stay until extreme stretches.


Trapeze resting pose

Yoga Trapeze -poses

Resting pose ends the overall yoga trapeze practice session as yoga is started by deep breathtaking and exciting so ended also this way. Gravity helps the yogis an awesome relaxation and free all body tension-it is proven.

Gravity emancipates the pressure between discs & allows muscles to add extra fuel.

Just focus your body asanas on the trapeze and get awesome benefits of antigravity health therapy.

The maximum workout means maximum benefits. The beginners to advanced yogis can follow up on the aforementioned tutorial very closely.



Yoga accessories

Present yogis or practitioners or athletes want to do their workout comfortably & injury free so that it extremely makes them flexible &  brings maximum health benefits. The most considerable factors of modern yoga or aerial yoga are yoga props or yoga accessories.

In the famous book “Light on yoga(1966)”-well-known as the Bible of yoga, modern yoga guru B.K.S.Iyengar & later on Sree Dharma Mittra narrated in-depth the usefulness of yoga for our body & they explored how a fruitful yoga workout has done with yoga props.

What is yoga accessories?

Yoga accessories mean the A to Z supportive materials for joyful & effective yoga exercises. Once the saint of ancient India explored their best body posture to prevent any disease, focus on a healthy body & mind. Now yoga has become an easy gymnastics from child to old because of awesome convenient accessories.


  1. Yoga clothes

A big considerable issue of doing yoga is –what should wear while practicing yoga. Depending on yoga & posture, you should pick the dress.

  • Generally, choose the tight-fitting top tank as you need to move multi-posture.
  • Take sports bra & undergarments especially are made for yoga.
  • Avoid cotton dress in Bikram or hot yoga.
  • Avoid any jewelry
  • Choose properly yoga leggings, yoga pants so that it enhances the stretching & give you comfort.
  • Focus on dresses that are fitted not style



2.Yoga mat

Mat is a basic element to perform yoga or aerial yoga. Yoga mat provides a happy yoga workout. There are different mats available in the market-foam, synthetic or rubber type, etc.



3.Yoga straps

The strap is a strip of leather, thick cotton or hemp like material which provides yoga poses in the right alignment. Yoga straps or yoga belts are widely used by beginners in a hamstring stretch, cow face or Gomukhasana or in restorative yoga classes. It provides extra support & comfort while doing advanced or difficult yoga poses.

  1. Yoga blocks

Block is a rectangular type material effectively used in yoga to give support of headstand or handstand poses. These mainly three types-

  • Foam yoga block-beneficial for beginners & lightweight to travel with.
  • Cork yoga block-A little heavier than foam, but providing enough traction to perform any yoga posture.
  • Wood yoga block-Heavier than cork, excellent for some yoga pose.

The price range of yoga blocks are-5$ to 30$.Click here in-details about yoga blocks.


5.Yoga towel

A towel is a great way to use with mat for extra traction, absorbing sweat & helps to concentrate more on yoga poses. Some popular manufacturers offer microfiber towels. Some offer silicon bumps & non-slip panel to sick with mat. When you do hot yoga or simple yoga, it is recommended to dampen it by water or spray for extra texture.


6.Yoga bolster

Yoga bolster or pillow is a great relief for stretching & the yin yoga. They are mainly stuffed with cushions, rolls or old towels when making at home. Bolster helps in many yoga performing poses, supporting on the head & neck, abdomen, or anybody’s side.

Click here to know about how to make a home-made bolster for yoga

7.Yoga blankets

Yoga blankets work as a towel but additionally it works more by extra supporting for seated poses, corpse pose or injured persons who are recommended to do restorative poses.

Yoga blankets fall into three categories-

a)Mexican yoga blanket

These are very popular for hand-knitted & super excellent absorbent fabric.

b)Wool blanket

These are from wool fabric, an unparallel prop providing warmth for restorative yoga asana. Its machine washable feature makes it used randomly.

c) Cotton yoga blanket

These are 100% made of cotton. It gives extra comfort while doing difficult or advanced yoga poses. It is denser than the afore-mentioned two’s so stability is super incomparable.


8.Yoga mat bag

As in early stated, yoga mat is the basic essential for a yoga workout. A mat carrier comes naturally an important considerable factor. For an outdoor or in-studio class-a portable mat bag should pick this way so that it packs smoothly without any scratching & nicely fitted as smart looking.

9.Yoga mat cleaner

Mat cleaner is some non-toxic chemicals that wash bad odor, unhygienic dampen & make your yoga mat germ free. Thus, spraying cleaner is essential as like a mat. After spraying yogis or practitioners feel a fresh encouragement to do a yoga workout.

10.Yoga wheel

The yoga wheel is effectively used in Chakrasana or Urdhava Dhanurasana when backbends is a crucial issue. Master of modern yoga guru Sree Dharma Mittra showed backbends & inversions yoga poses with the assist of yoga wheel prop.


11.Yoga Balls

In recent times, yoga balls credit acceptable equipment of sport & exercise. These are very great for inversion & backbend postures. It is made of soft plastic vinyl (Polyvinyl chloride-PVC)by the chemical process –polymerization, filled with air. Quality depends on the thickness of the PVC. Thinner material means lower prices. You should pick the sizes according to your body height.

  •  Different sizes (55 cm to 85 cm) of yoga balls are available.
  • It holds up to 250lbs to 300lbs weight.

Here an awesome video of 20 minutes of exercise with yoga balls

12.Yoga chairs

Yoga chair or meditation chair is an awesome addition while twisting in the seated pose or in a restorative yoga pose for the ill or injured persons. Nowadays, a backless yoga chair is popular globally for hazardless yoga asanas.


13.Yoga socks & gloves

Gloves are extra helpful for proving traction. In Bikram or hot yoga, sweating is a hindrance to posture. Besides repeating poses make our palm & feet sweaty & slippery. Yoga socks & gloves are a great way to prevent unwanted disturbances. Moreover, in the winter season, they give warmth & energizes performing yoga posture.








Best yoga poses:You must do everyday to keep you fit

Yoga, a combined exercise of physical, mental & spiritual discipline, was originated in ancient India, now a global buzzing word, has nearly half-million monthly search queries in Google globally. Simple to advanced or the best yoga poses or exercise is a sequential workout.

B.K.S. Iyengar (1966) & Sree Dharma Mittra greatly explored ins  & outs body & muscle movement with its influence on our healthy life. Iyengar showed more than 200 asanas, Dharma Mittra discussed & expressed “The master yoga chart of 908 posture” in 1984. The globally accepted book of Mittra’s “Asanas:608 yoga poses’’ was published in 2003.

Here, we assemble the most beneficial yoga poses to prevent & cure the unpleasant body illness as well as mental freshness.


best yoga poses


Yoga sequence morning


Best yoga poses:Yoga sequence morning


Yoga for the beginners

Best yoga poses:Yoga for beginners

Standing yoga poses

Best yoga poses:Standing yoga poses


Yoga for back pain;basic pose chart

Best yoga poses:Yoga for back pain beginners


Yoga for lower back pain relief

Best yoga poses:Yoga for lower back pain relief


Salutation to the sun

Best yoga poses:Salutation to the Sun


Yoga for backbends

Best yoga poses:Yoga for back-bends



Yoga for a forward bend

Best yoga poses:Yoga for forward bend



Yoga for digestion

Best yoga poses:Yoga for digestion


Yoga for gas relief


Best yoga poses:Yoga for gas relief


Yoga for stress relief

Best yoga poses:Yoga for stress relief


Yoga for high blood pressure

Best yoga poses:Yoga for high blood pressure


Yoga for sleep

Best yoga poses:Yoga for sleep


Yoga for a



flat belly

Best yoga poses:Yoga for flat belly


Yoga for weight loss

Best yoga poses:Yoga for weight loss


Yoga for shoulder pain

Best yoga poses:Yoga for shoulder pain


Yoga for hips

Best yoga poses:Yoga for hips


Yoga for hamstrings




Best yoga poses:Yoga for hamstrings


Yoga for joint pain

Best yoga poses:Yoga for joint pain


Yoga for runners

Best yoga poses:Yoga for runners


Yoga for quit smoking

Best yoga poses:Yoga for quit smoking



Yoga for kidney health

Best yoga poses:Yoga for kidney health


Yoga for the pregnant woman

Best yoga poses:Yoga for pregnant woman


Detox yoga

Best yoga poses:Detox yoga


Yoga poses for kids

Best yoga poses:Yoga poses for kids


Yoga in an office chair

Best yoga poses:Yoga in office chair




Yoga trapeze installation/Set up

Trapeze unit set up: A complete guidelines !

Perhaps you are now settled to buy yoga trapeze or swing or hammock, whatever you call.No need to worry about your weight, manufacturers ensure you to carry up to 600 lbs as it’s super nylon soft parachute fabric is awesome for your ultimate total workout. A trapeze can be used in several ways wherever you feel comfortable. Every possible way to set up is discussed here in detail.

How to hang Yoga trapeze

Ouch …nostalgic, remember your playground days, headstands, handstands, and hanging upside down by your legs on your climbing bars. Probably we have something to learn from bats and monkeys as we are swinging around hanging upside down.

1.Hang Trapeze rig from any portable branch of a tree.

How to hang yoga trapeze

Taking at least 3/4ʹʹ thick heavy-duty nylon rope from a hardware shop, one can easily set up a trapeze unit.•Hug the rope around your portable tree branch.•Knot as rock climbing caliber•Hang two loose-hanging carabiners with two knots separately•Hang another carabiner within two knots

Warning: Use leather or hard nylon sheet while knotting ropes to prevent cutting.

2. Using ceiling beam suspension plateIf your ceiling beam’s thickness is proper enough to carry the load –a good option is to use suspension plate for trapeze unit. Stylishly designed steel plate & X-mount with heavy-duty screws are available in an e-commerce store.• Use a fully guarded wall anchor•Use a close-ended loop.•Now adjust anti-corrosive & anti-rusty suspension plate•Use expansion bolts in place for concrete, block or brick and, Trim screw for wood• Use the recommended diameter plate as 4.5 inches holds 800 lbs weight.

Warning: Make sure your beam is at least 4.4ʹʹ thickness

3.Using with trapeze stand1.Backyard permanent trapeze stand

 yoga trapeze installation



Yoga trapeze installation


If you use a trapeze stand at your home –so before ordering a yoga trapeze from an e-commerce store or any brand shop, firstly you should measure your ceiling from the ground with a trapeze stand.

Whether you have a ceiling tile in your basement, you may need to take out a ceiling tile and some of the parts that the ceiling tile was attached to, not the actual stand. This will give you the added room you will need to maneuver the last poles into the stand. This Yoga Inversion Stand has a built-in safety mechanism in the top triplex-If you purchase the trapeze with your stand, you ’ll simply attach it to the loop at the top of the stand. After that, you will attach your outer part of your swing to the outer sides and the actual swing, the part you will sit and hang from in the center.- Take the installation guide with every detail.

4. Using door mount bar or doorway pull up bar Is space limit? no tension just Set your Trapeze on your door mount bar. If you already have pulled up a bar on the doorway, an excellent option is to hang your yoga swing.


yoga trapeze installation


Set up rules:• An adjustable bar• 2 door mount plates• (5+5) 10 screws


yoga trapeze installation


attention: •Install yoga swing securely & professionally •Based on trapeze or swing manufacturer’s usage, mobility, and versatility you should rethink.

5. Using the eye bolt

Heavy-duty galvanized stainless steel eye bolts can relief you space shortage.


yoga trapeze installation


Using swiveling mechanism attach your 3 spring trapeze with the strong eye bolt•Hang three carabinersWarning: – Eyebolt must be screwed professionally. -Screw bolt in vertically with rafter, beam or ceiling

6. Using the daisy chain

100% nylon made daisy chains or anchors can have enough load capacity on Trapeze carabiners.


Yoga trapeze installation


To mount your aerial yoga hammock or swing, it is feasible to do your toning exercise.-Hang daisy anchors from secure & strong wall hook assessing by professional. Warning: It is enough to hold almost 200 lbs

7.Using Trapeze stand with your Sleeping bed

-Remove bed frame and settle trapeze stand-Keep bed mat under the stand excellent yoga swing exercise that is a proven beneficiary for excellent body fitness. Instead of going to a traditional gym, now enjoy you with spouse, kids, relatives & friends.

     Installing yoga trapeze from the pull-up bar



Aerial yoga essentials:Choose your aerial equipment now

Do you fall in love with aerial yoga really? Aerial yoga is now a proven high impact, therapeutic exercise or workouts that you can do easily. It is done on aerial hammock or fabric which is popularly known as yoga trapeze. Out of the most ultra benefits of this warming aerial exercise, it effectively decompresses the spine, comforts pressure on your joints, energizes muscles. So, it’s time now to know in-depth about aerial essentials.


So, be ready for doing brain dominating aerial exercise?

As you already know that in aerial yoga, almost all kinds of yoga & posture such as  Transcendental Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Vipassana Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Vinyasa, etc. are too practiced but more focused.


Before starting aerial posturing you should initially do the following guidelines very clearly.

-Take food at least 2 hours before performing aerial.

-Do free exercise such as arms, leg stretching, etc. before aerial yoga.


Now gathering essentials:

1. Collect your preferable yoga trapeze or swing or hammock.

In aerial yoga, your starting would be to purchase yoga trapeze or swing. There are many manufacturers. It’s upon you what kind of aerial silks and trapeze you choose. Your choice should be met the following considerable factors.

-Does it’s color amuse you? Color helps to concentrate your mind.

-Are it’s handled bare-bones drapes of silk or fabric? Or Does it include one or several sets of synthetic plastic or hard handles for user comfort fully with hand grip?

–  Check the weight capacity of the trapeze. Generally, trapeze’s manufacturers claim that fabric can hold up 300 pounds(140 kg) on average.

2. Choose a suitable & safe area for installing Trapeze or hammock

Installing your trapeze is a very sensitive issue. Don’t worry. If you want to practice at your home then be sure the ceiling beam dimension must be manufacturers’ directed Usually it can be from a 2 in × 6 in (5.1 cm × 15.2 cm) or 4 in × 4 in (10 cm × 10 cm) or ceiling beam. .For installing on multi places click here.

3. Choose your perfect yoga dress:

Aerial poses are highly prone to friction. So, long sleeves & pants are essentials to do effortless yoga. The dress should be perfectly fitted. Choose your perfect leggings or fitted crops, light impact sports bra & panty, etc. by which you feel comforts when you change a pose to another pose,

Be sure that you take off all kinds of outer materials such as watch & jewelry as these interrupt you to focus  100% workout.

4. Beware of food & drink

In aerial position, the body feels gravity from the ground. So food & drinks should be taken carefully as most of the exercises in aerial positions have inverse staying. So, It will be wise to stay away from an uneasy stomach or uncomfortable gassiness.

  • Avoid fizzy drinks for at least 2 hours before your session.
  • Vice-versa, you are advised to wait to take food or drinks after 2 hours of exercise.

5. Take help from your yoga buddy

Initially, you may feel a little nervous while doing aerial yoga. So, have someone to assist you until you are able to avoid risky posture & be accustomed to a comfortable position.

The recommended hanging the yoga trapeze from ceiling or bar is usually not more than high from the ground-3 or 4 inches. So, you needn’t worry about falling down.

6. Get an aerial yoga studio near your area

If you are in confusion whether you could able to perform aerial yoga as you tried to learn the various tutorials from the internet, then I recommend you to get admission in your aerial studio.

Find here to get your class.

An aerial yoga instructor teaches you how you slowly practice from easy to a difficult position.

Now different manufacturers provide an in-depth guide with DVD or on-line PDF instructions.

7.Have an aerial yoga class

As some aerial positioning are hazardous so extra warning should be considered. A professional aerial yoga instructor shows you how to extend & free your body joint, muscles with the yoga trapeze then start your ultimate aerial asana.

If you feel confident & enjoy the aerial posture, you can begin practicing it on your own.

Essentials of yoga trapeze pose

Unlike other devotional yoga as hatha yoga, Power Vinyasa, etc. , aerial yoga has almost all kinds of poses but additionally some inverse position. Choose your comfortable Yoga trapeze or aerial hammock poses are stated here. 


Essentials of yoga travel bag

If you feel jolly to do an aerial workout in a yoga studio class or outdoor park, forest or your backyard stand, gather the following essentials in the bag.

1.Yoga mat; a portable yoga mat is available which assists aerial yoga very amusing.

2. Grippy towel; when some yoga trapeze poses require mat touching, grippy towel facilitates to do performing.

  1. Water bottle; coconut water or juicy drinks are instantly filled your electrolytes lost when sweating.

4. Braid & headbands; in aerial position hair should be fixed with braid  & headbands because the movement of long hair prevents to focus you.

5.Yoga straps; it works great in the waist overdress.

6.Yoga toe socks; it unbelievably relief your yoga shoe wearing.

In conclusion

Aerial yoga also extraordinarily controls & purifies your body, coordinates the total nervous system and improves your mental focus. To do fruitfully exercise with yoga trapeze, one must deal with the afore-mentioned aerial essentials.





Yoga Trapeze:An aerial yoga for beginners

Yoga Trapeze & aerial yoga

Hey, Are you searching for a tool to burn your maximum calories hurriedly?

In busy modern life, time makes us reluctant to go to the gym or other time worthy exercise regularly.

The best alternative option to solve this unhealthy lifestyle is for aerial Yoga. The popularly known primary tool for the aerial Yoga is yoga trapeze or hammock. This magical flying yoga tool is spreading now worldwide because of its vast benefits. It enables us to float our limb in mid-air. Inversion therapy is now easily possible with a trapeze to adieu-your imbalances, tension, or back pain forever. Yoga trapeze beginners or aerial Yoga for beginners must find this latest knowledge extra helpful, which they are seeking. So, cool here.

A very introduction video for the aerial yoga lovers by the Yoga Trapeze Point

What is yoga trapeze?

Yoga Trapeze is like a spaceship where aerial Yoga has evolved. By hanging a silk /tissue/fabric hammock with carabiners- a yogi does mid-air exercise, which cannot be done on the ground, such as the reverse post to get maximum health benefits. It is based on inversion therapy or theory of counter gravity, which is recognized by modern health professionals.

what is Yoga trapeze

“When you’re hanging upside down in meditation instead of sitting right side up on your cushion, you can practically feel each vertebrae sucking away from the one underneath it, lengthening and stretching you out,”

-Brigitte Bourdeau, a yoga instructor in New York City.

Originally from ancient northern India for near about 5000 years, Yoga has been practiced as a super combination of physical and spiritual health exercises by different body postures. In the last decade of the previous century -a new scientific flying body exercise was introduced in New York city based on hatha yoga poses by Christopher Harrison, the former gymnast, and Broadway aerial choreographer.

From 2007 anti-gravity yoga has been widely hailed as the American Council on Exercise(ACE) gave a vigorous nod for this new kind of body posture exercise.

Yoga trapeze tricks

From your preferred height, just put you on a milky, silks hammock that looks like a kind of long scarf. These hammocks are made up of single, thicky density nylon material and support over 2000 pounds.

Such fabric hammocks were hanging by a reliable rig from the trapeze frame. They held up with carabiners, support chains, and webbing straps.

Yoga trapeze beginners

Traditional hatha yoga poses, pilates, holistic health, physiotherapy, and modern aerobics are mixed up to total body workout in aerial Yoga, which is possible in trapeze.

Yoga trapeze beginners

Who are eligible to use?

  • From kids to any age group

Who should consult with a doctor and yoga instructor before using a trapeze?

  • High/low blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Eye disease
  • Prosthetic hips
  • Bones disorder etc.

Aerial Yoga on trapeze combines traditional yoga poses and postures with a hammock. It is also known as a sling. It will be best to find the unique teacher for initial training or carefully study the trapeze guide and follow as it states.

Essentials when starting exercise on yoga trapeze: before & after

The following essentials should always remind before you are going to warm your all body exercise on the trapeze.

  • Don’t be frightened by the aerial poses which expert practice. Be ready you must able to do at your home after a little training or described by DVD.
  • Hammocks may get snagged also ripped. Hence it will be zero worries to practice without jewelry, lotion, or perfume. The good idea is to make sure your fingernails and toenails to trim.
  • Avoid a heavy meal before exercising; try to take light snacks.
  • Just keep yourself hydrated before and after a workout.
  • Avoid wearing your workout pants too long. It should up to your knee.
  • Avoid wearing any shoes while working out.
  • Avoid trying to stay inverted far tooling if you have high blood pressure. If you assume at any point that you are feeling too much trouble, get down immediately.
  • Simple, unembellished tops or T-shirts are a good idea.
  • Avoid nothing all week and overdo it in one day.

To know in-depth the aerial essentials, click here.

Benefits of Yoga trapeze

Based on scientific health theory, “the inversion therapy,” yoga trapeze compresses the spine and increases muscle tension and blood circulation. Thus, it assists in proper body alignment, further deepen awareness by strengthening every direction.

Yoga trapeze for back pain

Our back is structured of muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks, and bones. Problems with any of these single components lead to back pain.

Yoga trapeze for back pain


Moreover our modern lifestyle such as-

  • Bending down for long periods
  • Standing for long periods
  • Pushing/pulling/carrying /lifting something
  • Straining the neck forward such as using computer
  • Long driving without a break.
  • Mentally stressful job
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity and overweight

As these scenarios are familiar to us & we are very prone to those.

Every single option highly pushes us to face Back pain. It is a common problem for adults aged between 35-55 years.

Yoga trapeze for back pain

Ouch…horribly yoga trapeze makes your spine so traction that it can be impossible in another gym exercise. When prior scenarios are frequently responsible for doing your back wrong, antigravity body postures or asanas assist you in releasing muscle tension and strengthening the clogging nerve of your vertebrae. Back-strengthening stretches and positions in air remove all tried traction and herniated disc.

Yoga trapeze for unhealthy stretching, Bending, and Core Strengthening

Dragging or stretching prolongs your soft tissues and muscles, improving range of motion and cutting down on stiffness. Aerial Yoga focuses on these very health issues. It hits you an adjuvant body stretches as you slowly ease your body into different positions.

Yoga trapeze for flexion

Flexion is another vital suggested movement by physiotherapists. This kind of posture helps to broaden the distance between your vertebrae, easing nerve stress and pain. While doing a flexion exercise, the body is bent forward.

Aerial Yoga for weight loss

When you float & flow in mid-air suspending off the ground, full antigravity works on you. According to the yoga chakra study, practicing aerial Yoga on trapeze vigorously burns more calories and fat so instantly. By challenging with every muscle in the inversion situation, it helps to kill unwanted cells and burn maximum our plus size body.

A case study about burning fat

ACE has conducted research led by Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D. The sample study was surveyed on 16 active male-female volunteers between the ages of 18 and 45 to participate in a six-week intervention with three 50-minute Aerial Yoga per week. Surprisingly, it burned approximately 320 calories. Participants significantly observe their very positive improvement on vital health risk factors such as body weight, burning body-fat percentage up to 2% ,so cool of blood pressure, HDL cholesterol levels, and waist circumference- about one inch from their waist , and, all while curtaining their VO2 max (a measure of fitness) by a whopping 11 percent.

So, it can be ideal exercise equipment for plus size man or woman.

Yoga trapeze for hip pain or Arthritis

Lower backache frequently has been treated as hip pain-which is like a ball and socket joints that help you move your legs during every activities-sitting, walking, etc. The joint is covered with a tight, fibrous sleeve called the capsule, which helps to hold the bones together. The capsule is lined by the synovium, which produces fluid that lubricates joints and strengthens cartilage. The ball stays connected with the upper leg bone-known as the femur, and the socket is created by the hollow of the pelvis.

Literally, the hip flexors and the hip extensors are responsible for all kinds of movements. When hip flexors get tight, the hip bones become pulled continuously down, creating an unnatural curve in the lower back. Ultimately its pressure on the spine and can causes problems further down the legs in the knees and ankles.

When the previous factors are prevalent among modern busy people, then lack of proper movement clogging the joint and, in the long run, painful hip pain

How does yoga trapeze lessen hip pain?

Stretching tight hips and tight knees can be properly mobilized on trapeze support. Gravity softly cheers the knee to open, releasing the muscles in the pelvis. The weight of the leg gently stretches the hip-flexor (the big muscles at the front of the pelvis )– which adieus hip pain.

Yoga trapeze for neck pain

Neck pain is one of the other most common spondylitis diseases.

Some disorders and associated diseases are involved in neck pain. Neck injury as whiplash, herniated disc, pinched the nerve, an uncomfortable positioning of the neck while sleeping with the head on a pillow. Some injuries-include contact sports, motor-vehicle accidents, bull or bronco horse riding, etc. are responsible for neck pain. Neck pain is known as cervical pain in the medical study.

How does yoga trapeze relieve neck pain?

In patients comments that Yoga is so beneficial to relief their neck pain.

Every human has seven vertebrae of the spine in the neck that surrounds the spinal cord and canal. Between these vertebrates, there are discs and nerves flow from head to full body. Any disorder of the neck muscles, arteries, veins, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, larynx, and trachea can lead to neck pain.

Bare head and neck exercises have done in yoga trapeze according to the instructor’s direction. During the inverse position, the muscles of the neck get proper alignment & readjustment, which are extra beneficial for the human body.



The overall work out of Yoga Trapeze

Every real exercise has pain. Yogis also are cheered up that no pain, no gain. During inversion exercise on a trapeze, our total body has got rejuvenated by balancing our entire muscle, blood, nerve and bone movements,.The major benefits are quoted as below.

  • Topmost workout of the body without working out

Within a short time, it helps to burn many calories and thus overcomes a running treadmill walk or doing a typical gym.

  • Goodbye depression or inertia

Having inverted posture or asanas compels blood rushing to your head and sends fresh oxygen to your brain. Thus depression or fatigue cannot make any little nest in mind. Flowing new blood means a sweet mood.

  • Increased body awareness

It seems puzzled for the first time while wrapping your writs, feet, waist around the fabric. Initially, when you make your body upside down, it will undoubtedly feel very tough and face you a challenge to lift your right side. While posturing in an inverse position, our brain has to work harder than our average staying. By adapting your body balance, you’ll notice how much more body awareness you have even when you’re right side up!

  • Inner body activation and anti-aging

In trapeze exercise, there has significantly increased our body circulation, digestion, decompressing the spine, and jollifying our mood. Removing toxins from the body as well as giving a fresh life flow to every cell in our body-anti aging elements increases after every inversion exercise.

Aerial Yoga or yoga trapeze near me

Anti-gravity yoga concept is spreading as it fruitfully shapes our body what we desire just adieu heavy equipment at a traditional gym. Whether you are in New York or Los Angels or any other location, you can avail of the taste of aerial Yoga with yoga trapeze by the Harrison Anti-gravity It offers globally to find your desired studio for yoga solutions. Crunch gym offers aerial yoga training nationwide. Boutique clubs like AIR have locations in many cities. You can even buy your hammock or trapeze and do an aerial workout at home. In recent times, many sports & fitness products manufacturers now invent stylish yoga trapeze typically with the range within 250 $ to 600 $.

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