Yoga trapeze installation/Set up

Trapeze unit set up: A complete guidelines
Perhaps you are now settled to buy yoga trapeze or swing or hammock, whatever you call.No need to worry about your weight, manufacturers ensure you to carry up to 600 lbs as it’s super nylon soft parachute fabric is awesome for your ultimate total workout.
A trapeze can be used in several ways wherever you feel comfortable. Every possible way to set up is discussed here in details.
How to hang Yoga trapeze
Ouch …nostalgic, remember your playground days, headstands, handstands, and hanging upside down by your legs on your climbing bars. Probably we have something to learn from bats and monkeys as we are swinging around hanging upside down.

1. Hang Trapeze rig from any portable branch of a tree.

How to hang yoga trapeze

Taking at least 3/4ʹʹ thick heavy-duty nylon rope from a hardware shop, one can easily set up trapeze unit.
• Hug the rope around your portable tree branch.
• Knot as rock climbing caliber
• Hang two loose-hanging carabiners with two knots separately
• Hang another carabiner within two knots

Warning: Use leather or hard nylon sheet while knotting ropes to prevent cutting.

2.Using ceiling beam suspension plate
If your ceiling beam’s thickness is proper enough to carry the load –a good option is to use suspension plate for trapeze unit.
Stylishly designed steel plate & X-mount with heavy duty screws are available in an e-commerce store.
• Use a fully guarded wall anchor
• Use a close-ended loop.
• Now adjust anti-corrosive & anti-rusty suspension plate
• Use expansion bolts in place for concrete, block or brick
and, Trim screw for wood
• Use the recommended diameter plate as 4.5 inches holds 800 lbs weight.

Warning: Make sure your beam is at least 4.4ʹʹ thickness

3.Using with trapeze stand
1.Backyard permanent trapeze stand

Permanent yoga trapeze stand
2.Yoga trapeze stand for home or outdoor
Yoga trapeze stand

If you use trapeze stand at your home –so before ordering a yoga trapeze from e-commerce store or any brand shop, firstly you should measure your ceiling from the ground with trapeze stand.

Whether you have ceiling tile in your basement, you may need to take out a ceiling tile and some of the parts that the ceiling tile was attached to, not the actual stand.
This will give you the added room you will need to maneuver the last poles into the stand.
This Yoga Inversion Stand has a built-in safety mechanism in the top triplex
-If you purchase the trapeze with your stand, you ’ll simply attach it to the loop at the top of the stand. After that, you will attach your outer part of your swing to the outer sides and the actual swing, the part you will sit and hang from in the center.
– Take the installation guide with every detail.

4.Using door mount bar or doorway pull up bar
Is space limit? no tension just Set your Trapeze on your door mount bar.
If you already have pulled up bar on the doorway, an excellent option is to hang your yoga swing.

Door mount bar for yoga trapeze (1)

Set up rules:
• An adjustable bar
• 2 door mount plates
• (5+5) 10 screws

Door mount bar for yoga trapeze

Attention: • Install yoga swing securely & professionally
• Based on trapeze or swing manufacturer’s usage, mobility and versatility you should rethink.

5.Using the eye bolt
Heavy duty galvanized stainless steel eye bolts can relief you space shortage.

eye bolt for yoga trapeze
• Using swiveling mechanism attach your 3 spring trapeze with the strong eye bolt
• Hang three carabiners
Warning: – Eye bolt must be screwed professionally.
-Screw bolt in vertically with rafter, beam or ceiling

6.Using the daisy chains
A 100% nylon made daisy chains or anchors can have enough load capacity on Trapeze carabiners.

Yoga trapeze with daisy chains
-To mount your aerial yoga hammock or swing, it is feasible to do your toning exercise.
-Hang daisy anchors from secure & strong wall hooks assessing by professional.
Warning: It is enough to hold almost 200 lbs

7.Using Trapeze stand with your Sleeping bed

-Remove bed frame and settle trapeze stand
-Keep bed mat under the stand
Do excellent yoga swing exercise that is a proven beneficiary for excellent body fitness.
Instead of going to a traditional gym, now enjoy you with spouse, kids, relatives & friends.

     Installing yoga trapeze from pull-up bar