Top healthy high waist aerial yoga/yoga pants forever!

Like other sports wear, you need to wear proper aerial yoga clothing for performing sound air yoga in the mid-air. Indeed, wearing ordinary clothing prevents you from reaching your best level of fitness!

Before entering your aerial yoga class-there needs some special preparations like what to do and not to do in wearing and taking food.

So, these things are important to consider whenever you do yoga workout indoors or outdoors.

What we cover here

  • The most reviewed yoga pants in details
  • What are the benefits of yoga pants
  • The buying guide

So, let's explore our reviews and buyer guide now.

1.Fengbay 2 pack high waist yoga pants

Fengbay Yoga Leggings

Fengbay aerial silks performance wear by Fengbay is the global best used workout leggings!

How many 4 way stretch and non-see through fabric aerial activewear have you ever observed? Your answer may be enough. But what specific brand I’m going to tell you about the aerial silks bodysuit, it’s the fabulous brand of Fengbay.

Why do you prefer this best aerial leggings?

a.  4 Way stretch and non-see through fabric: This aerial yoga clothing offers excellent elasticity and non see-through fabric. It amazingly fits for yoga, exercise ,fitness or any type of workout. The standard interlocking perfectly prevents all types of legging irritation.

b. Standard waist and health friendly: It actually covers your whole legs. Means, the standard high waist and tummy control wide waistband contours with its curves make you certainly slimly smart! This healthy compression allows improving blood circulation and relaxes muscles very well.

c. Convenient inner and outside pocket: You certainly like its inner pocket and outside pocket at the same time. This Fengbay’s women’s leggings allow you to hold up keys with its inner pocket and your android phone in the outer pocket ,only 5% visible when you put it there!

d.Standard quality: These yoga capris leggings for women perfectly mold your body and keep everything tucked in lol! The pretty quality fabric removes moisture from your body and allows super comfort while  absorbing sweat and drying it quickly. Means, it comforts you all time.

e. Amazing 30 days money back warranty:  There are huge options of size and color combination. If you aren’t satisfied, Fengbay is ready to return your full money back within 30 days.  


2.Danskin Women’s Sleek Fit Yoga Pant

Dankins Yoga pants

As a century old aerial clothing company Danskin Women’s Activewear is a brilliant choice for those who want their body to fit cool with aerial clothes.

Awesome mixing: It is 55% cotton,37% Polyester and 8% Spandex mixture. Means, a health friendly cool material. The material is stretchy and soft enough to lose around your size but not too tight either.

Best dress pants: The color holds well and the fabric wears well. Additionally, the boot cut design offers a slimming plus size pant.

Exclusive feature: The machine wash cold with like colors gentle cycle offers a stylish and relaxed fit .

Use it for multi-purpose: Its tumble dry low removes promptly. It allows multitasking workout  at the gym, taking quick walks and even to run errands simultaneously.

Great leggings: It’s not like form fitting. As the fabric is heavy and possesses a bit of drape, it allows comfortable wearing. The wider waistband allows the standard stretching. So, you don’t need to constantly pull your yoga pants back every time after doing each pose.

Finally, wearing proper aerial clothes like Dakin's Ariel winter yoga pants give you not too snug.

  • It has great length(Different sizes are available) 

  • The fabric is thick and soft not to create any pill

  • It hugs in all the right places and excellently a boot fit

3.Danskin's Women's Sleek Fit Yoga Crop Pant

best leggings

Our next choice is Danskin’s Women’s Sleek Fit Yoga Crop Pant. It has huge advantages and offers more wide waistband 

Exclusive cotton: The aerial clothes possess 90+% Cotton ,better than many other polyester pants in the market. It offers stretchy and comfortable exercise materials. This cotton is thicker and a little spandex.

Amazing quality: The aerial activewear is high quality, easy to wash, does not fade or shrink.

The larger dimension of waistband: The waistband is perfect for yogis of all levels. It is wider and stretchy enough material. Means, it is sturdier and it slightly compresses the stomach pooch. The capri legs are a bit wide and these are very comfy pairs.

 Great leg workout pants: Cut your worries about your big calves as these best leggings do not pinch or cut into calves either.

No matter whatever your size: Out of the three sizes, small, medium and larger, you can simply customize this aerial bodysuit according to your needs.


4.JUST MY SIZE Women's Plus Size Active Stretch Capri

Just My Size Women's Leggings

Do you want to Show off your curves with fashionable plus size clothing? Whether you are slimy or curvy body measurements, Just My Size brings you proper aerial yoga clothes for the total body workout.

True to size: This just my size aerial clothes is very suitable! It  controls the stomach, tight enough, not shaking, but still very comfortable. They correspond to the sizes given in the size chart. 

Not transparent: They are thick enough to be invisible at all. They breathe well when they sweat.

Very comfortable: Some available sports/yoga pants are too tight, even if they are the right size. It won't fall off even if you wear it all day. They are suitable for short people. It stays in place and breathable at the same time. More comfortable than normal baggy loose jersey Capri pants.

Perfect fit: High waist, with certain ability to control the abdomen and will not sag, fit the hips well.

Quality material: The aerial silks performance wear is made of sweat-wicking stretch knitted fabric. This is 88% polyester, 12% elastane and machine wash.

Just My Size will give you the right shape, support and comfort. Choose elegant or close-fitting oversized dresses to create an elegant atmosphere.

No matter, it's Sunday outing? Find the perfect plus size jumpsuit from Just My Size  for a plus size dress, so you can relax from breakfast to dinner.

5.Jockey women’s Judo Leggings

Jockey Women's Judo Leggings

Jockey Judo leggings are designed with a wide waistband and shortened inner seams to provide greater freedom and flexibility of movement. It is very suitable for training in the gym.

Indeed, there are enough reasons to pick the best aerial leggings. These are the followings-

Quality fabric: this very popular polyester/spandex blended fabric. Cotton is so much better for your skin! I like this mixture of cotton and spandex. The cotton-spandex blend fabric keeps you cool, dry, and lasting comfort.

Wide Waistband: The wide elastic waistband provides extra support to define your body shape. Provides a soft feel to keep you cool and soft.

Distinctive feature: The Jockey Leggings wear offers  crotchless when you go shopping.  It has an average height standard; they are not worn enough to become a belly button. On the other hand, they are not so low that you keep pulling them up to avoid the tops of the muffins.

6.Coofandy Men’s Linen Loose Casual Lightweight Elastic Weight Yoga Beach Pants

Cafoondy men's best leggings

How many cozy yoga pants have you ever seen? The best  sports clothing brand Coofandy offers the most comfortable loose casual lightweight elastic weight yoga pants for men.

Quality fabric: The high quality soft fabric skin-friendly cotton and linen material is completely breathable, sweat-absorbent. It keeps you cool and relaxed in hot summer when you are in yoga exercise and other body warming workout .

Super fit: This straight-leg pant offers super fit and with its diagonal double-sided pockets and patch back pockets. The loose fit always gives you comfortable aerial silks to wear all times at any sport!

Exclusive waistband: The elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring is very hard and offers maximum comfort .

Multi-purposes: This men’s aerial silk clothing is very much perfect for all kinds of yoga, vacation, school, dance, beach walking, jogging etc.

Convenient washing: Convenient tumble dryer as it is machine washable. Means, it is very simple to clean.  

Awesome size chart: The small, medium and large sized pants allow you to join a halloween party and all are perfectly adjustable to keep your wardrobe.


7.Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

Homma aerial silk performance wear

How many ratings have you ever noticed of a single aerial silks clothing?Yes, I’m going to tell you an epic yoga pants- it is Homma Premium Thick High Waist tummy compression leggings.

Material: This exclusive aerial yoga clothes’ material is purely a mixture of 12% spandex +88% Synthetic fiber(Nylon).

Perfect fit: The thick stay fits perfectly with its high rise waistband. This high-waist slim fit aerial activewear stretches from  four-way allows perfect yoga performance in mid-air or for traditional yoga workout.

Comfortable: It allows seamless wearing. The non see-through gives cool, breathable and lightweight wearing.

Exclusive features: The targeted venting, moisture wicking, this pants offers simultaneously tummy control and perfectly fit.

Buy Homma USA capris pants as it shapes you all the way, smooths you out and holds you in.

The benefits of wearing aerial yoga clothing

There are a couple of benefits of wearing aerial silks clothing. These are the following.

a. Offers maximum aerial yoga poses: The main benefit of wearing aerial yoga clothing is to be able to perform all yoga poses in the mid-air. Because if you wear proper aerial clothing company’s highly encourages you to do yoga for an expected long time as it comforts you.

b. Overcomes the aerial yoga hurt: Aerial yoga is not a traditional yoga practice on the ground, on the other hand, it enhances our maximum body flexibility. Wearing the best Ariel winter yoga pants reduces the aerial yoga injury. The standard and form fitting aerial silks performance wear overcome all pain and injury while flying on the mid-air for performing sky yoga.

Buying guide of the best aerial leggings

Fabric quality: Yoga pants fabric quality determines how it is skin friendly when it is compressed and stretched at the same time. The healthy proportionate of the spandex and synthetic fiber makes the quality better and healthy. So, you should whether at least 10% of spandex and left is synthetic fiber.

Pant lengths: The standard Aerial yoga legging’s length allows you to do an aerial workout in a very comfortable posture. Yes, many practitioners like to wear full-length shorts. The shorts allow you to stay fit with aerial fabric very well. No matter, it is warm weather in the outdoor or your aerial yoga class in the indoor. Simultaneously, full length pants allow to go out as your everyday leggings.

Waist: Usually, there are three kinds of waist size available -high, mid and low-rise. Mid and high waisted aerial silks performance wear leggings cover curves and allow a flattering silhouette. On the other hand, low rise fit possess waistband and is usually two inch below the navel. It excellently adjusts with the petite body shape. Anyhow, the different aerial clothing companies offer different fashionable styles and varying amounts of coverage.

Stretch/Compression: Indeed, stretch and compression are the two great features that a sky yoga practitioner needs to know. There are two types of stretches you’ll find. Either it have 02 way or 04 way. A two way stretch allows one direction, but a four way stretch enables stretching horizontally and vertically. The stretchy fabric allows you a maximum range of aerial yoga postures.


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