The Upcircleseven yoga swing guide: short but completed[2023]

If you are searching Upcircleseven yoga swing for your ultimate yoga swing poses,you are in the right place! As a complete DIY yoga swing package but less expensive,it may be your powerful inversion therapy tool.

Our upcircleseven yoga swing guide illustrates why you should  choose this aerial yoga swing instead of it.Indeed,this yoga trapeze swing is sturdier but very health friendly,more customizable options to use it indoor or outdoor as well. And you can simply install it with yoga swing stands and other swing yoga installation ways simultaneously.

Since 2016,Nevada,Las Vegas based Upcircleseven has won yogis mission “taking yoga to the next level.” The manufacturer offers multicolor and multi-installation hardwares.

As we earlier know, aerial swing yoga has hundreds of health benefits and it is now the doctor's recommended gravity exercise tool. 

Let's explore now the Upcircleseven yoga swing guide why it is exceptional! 

NB: Don’t confuse here yoga trapeze and yoga hammock.Though these sound the similar term but aerial hammock indicates the main sling without carabiner and yoga trapeze/swing means handles + carabiners.


Professional design: Indeed, the Upcircleseven aerial yoga swing provides studio quality yoga aerial swing, suitable for commercial and personal use. It is from 100% superb quality nylon cloth. You ‘ll like its mild touch but super sturdier.

Versatile usages : I like its versatile installation options. Means, every hardware comes with the package so that Upcircleseven yoga swing install is possible in any indoor or outdoor sources!

Unparalleled fabric: The most notable feature of this yoga swing is its triple-stitched fabric. It carries 550 Lbs. load very easily.

Mounting accessories: All required ceiling mounts and screws come for wood and concrete installation sources including, top roof, exposed beam, wood, tree branch etc.

Additional safety features: Unlike as another yoga swing trapeze, the manufacturer offers 02 high strength steel carabiners,02 multi loops aerial extension straps for additional safety.

Larger dimension: This Yoga swing is larger than many others available trapeze (8 Ft.5 Ft.) in the market. And the hammock dimension is 13 Ft.(L)9 Ft.(W) dimension is very much adjustable for any sized practitioners! The spacious and wider swing seat means very reliable inversion exercise.

Exclusive handle and carabiner: As a dedicated aerial swing, the  Upcircleseven provides a very hard but convenient handle and carabiner. As the tensile strength of each carabiner is 500 lbs. and handle is 200 lbs. consecutively.

Less costlier: We find Upcircleseven trapeze is very handy price comparable to other brands of yoga swing.


  • Maximum safety load :550 Lbs.
  • Yoga swing dimension:8Ft.(L)  5 Ft.(W)
  • Hammock dimension: 13 Ft.(L)9 Ft.(W)
  • The length of two daisy chains is 3 Ft. each
  • The material of the fabric is 100% non-toxic eco-friendly.
  • The material of the handle is PVC plastic.

Why you should consider Upcircleseven yoga silk swing

There are very specific reasons  why you should pick it!

Advantages of the Upcircleseven yoga swing


 No ceiling hooks are in the package. Means,if you are thinking to install your yoga hammocks with ceiling hooks you can’t.

Upcircleseven Yoga swing Install

To perform  all yoga swing poses, the  package comes with required mounting hardware. The 23 pages e-manual is very much handy to install it with any yoga swing stand. Furthermore, check our thorough guide for installing yoga swing to ceiling or the yoga swing pro installation here.

Upcircleseven yoga swing installation

The importance and health benefits of aerial yoga swings

In fact, hanging upside down from the aerial yoga swing makes your body toxic free and it instantly helps to core body workout. As we earlier know the magic benefits of inversion exercises through aerial yoga!

Those who are seriously suffering from the lower back pain, degenerated neck or improper body alignment, gravity exercises fixes those at the very short time. 

Wrap up

If you want to relieve back pain forever and to stop going to the chiropractor then the Upcircleseven yoga aerial hammock  helps you with a greater way!

Indeed, the very smooth and nice fabric allows everyone to be your whole family members exercises prop.

Most importantly, there are many definitive reasons to pick this yoga  swing. In  a word, quality +trusted + awesome package +economic price, Upcircleseven makes it's own brand very customer centric!