Yoga knee pads

Yoga knee pads
Frequently when we do some arm, elbow or knee exercise with yoga trapeze, feel the pain to keep those aforementioned on a hard mat or folding mat. The best solution is a yoga knee pad. It not only relieves unwanted strain but also encourages useful hard movement
1.Yoga knee cushion by Sukhamat

Barbara Merrill,200 RYT -a yoga trainer innovated it for blessing your ultimate yoga practice.
Physical specifications:
• 24″ W x 10″ L and 15mm thick (over half an inch) & weight is 12.6 ounces(oz)
• Styled & developed in the USA to cushion your knees, ankles,sit-bone for pain-free practice
• 100% money back guarantee for one year.

• Highest density NBR foam surely ensures you comfortable workout.
• This pad is highly phthalates free, latex-free and bio-degradable.
• Rolls up with your full-size mat, waterproof, moisture resistant & easy to clean
• The surface is non-slip & non-skid
• It has no any weird smell
• Highly recommended by a rheumatologist for osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.
• Vinyasa & Savasana poses can be easily done on this pad
• Easily fits in yoga mat bag & flattens for back out

• Tightly curled when they send it to you

• Mat is not high dense to keep your knees, especially for overweight.
• Mat cleaning kit doesn’t work well here.

2.Yoga knee pad by Heathyoga

Physical specifications:
• Size is only: 26 10 12mm
• Supplies with a free carry strap for a travel mate
• Fully TPE material,non-toxic ,PVC & latex free

• Easily adjusted with your standard yoga mat
• Closed cell foam don’t suck sweat or liquids
• Easily washable
• The grip is superb for all kinds of floors & mats
• Perfect for yoga, pilates, floor cleaning or gardening.
• Cheaper than others
• Odor free
• Eco-friendly, handy loop for carrying
• Works as lower back pain when you use in work chair
• Very lightweight & can be fitted in any cubby holes & lockers
• Squishy & durable
• Very Five star is given to this product

• Not so soft if you wish such mat

Extra attention:
• Firstly it can be in rolling up mood but after a few days using it automatically appears smooth
3.Yoga knee or elbow cushion by REEHUT
Physical specifications:
• Size is 24-inch × 10 inch & 15 mm thick.

• Perfect padding for knees & elbows & ultra comfortable
• Adjustable with any standard yoga mat.
• Weight is very light, easy to roll up & travel
• Toxic-free & high-density foam NBR material
• Resilient & rebounding with repeated use
• Water resistant & easy to clean up

• Sometimes rolling tightly may become crunch & unwanted spot
• Wearing long pants is in need to avoid sticking & moving around.
• Company’s name sticker is tightly fixed

4. Eco yoga work out knee pad by GO YONDER
* Thickness is 15 mm(5/8 inch) & diameter is 6.7 inch/170 mm
* Stylishly uncommon round size
* Eco-friendly TPE foam & toxic free

• It embraces your boney parts & eases all kneeling exercise and work out perfectly.
• This round pad is ultimately small & light
• 100% workable with any yoga mat
• Non-slip surface is highly gripped with extra comfort.
• Crosslegged is comfortable with this knee cushioning
• Great for frog pose
• Excellent for aerobic class when floor exercise

• As two discs are in a pack, so there is possibility feeling hard to close two knees on the pad.

5.Yoga knee pad by Yoga Rat

Physical specifications:
• Approx. size is 30 cm 20 cm & 2 cm thick ;weight =2.2 oz

• Very super light
• Easy to carry & pack
• The closed cell so non-absorbable
• Toxic-free
• Washable with any soap & water
• Cushion material is fully free of rubber, latex, phthalates and also bad odor.
• It enhances extra comfort while doing any kneeling yoga or works out.
• Perfectly bearable with any travel bag mat.
• Headstand exercise is done perfectly.
• Amazing pillow for Savasana exercise
• 100% workable with any standard mat as it is non-slippy
• 7 pleasant multicolor is available.

• Pad is not so wide to do crunches & other floor exercises
• You may need another one pad for multiple exercises
• Price is little more than others.