Guaranteed yoga trapeze ceiling hooks[2021]-try before you buy!

Would you want to make your own aerial yoga swing stand? Then, you’re in the right place here. As a perfect alternative to yoga trapeze stand for performing aerial yoga, yoga trapeze ceiling hooks may be your best aerial yoga prop.

What we cover here

Indeed, if you are a beginner, picking heavy duty ceiling hooks for swings is a worth searching jobs. So, we’ll try here to make this laborious job very easy with every inch and outs of load bearing ceiling hooks.

What are aerial silks ceiling mount?

In a word, aerial yoga hammock ceiling mount is the simple necessary hardware to install yoga trapeze. It includes eye bolt, ceiling hooks and mounting plate.

Considering residential or commercial use, manufacturers design specific swing sets. Most hangers are for permanent use due to safe installation from any kind of beam such as I-beam/steel ,concrete or wooden beam.

Understanding different types of beam

If the most vital question peeps into your mind-how to hang aerial yoga from ceiling or multi sources, then it’ll be easy to know about beams.

 Beam is generally horizontal support which  loads transmitted to it. Beam varies based on fixed support, roller supports and pinned supports. We describe here the following four beams of fixed supports.

Concrete beam

Concrete beam means ceiling stud that requires multi anchors to drill into it. You need  professional handyman drilling and anchoring yoga trapeze ceiling hooks.

Exposed beam

 It comprises cross frames, bents or flat frames joined together by beams or purlins. It perfectly maximizes horizontal, vertical loads and moments. You can simply attach daisy chains or aerial yoga straps over it to hang your yoga trapeze.


Based on the shape of the cross section, there are three types-I-Beam, T-Beam and C-Beam. Steel "I" beam looks like the capital letter “I”. We can simply install clamp with it for hanging yoga ceiling hooks

Wooden beam

Timber is a perfect thermal insulator to avoid certain change of temperature. It remarkably cuts the need of cooling and heating. Wooden beam allows high resistance, durability and adaptability further. Anyhow, a stud detector fixes  the point in which location is the best to hang aerial yoga swing.

Guaranteed Yoga Trapeze Ceiling Hooks

1.Yoga Trapeze ceiling hooks by YOGABODY

A famous world trusted yoga trapeze manufacturer, YOGABODY LLC  offers suspension ceiling hooks for yoga inversion sling.

There are multiple usages of this ceiling hook including yoga swings, Olympic rings, boxing equipment, punching bag  and many  other suspension elements!

We like its two types of bolt (hex for wood and ceiling bolt for concrete) and simple installation process with mounting plates.

This total four bolts are safety weight tested( 300 lbs./136 kg) and allows you to mount on any kind of surface whatever you wish!

If you are struggling about your home accommodation to set a yoga trapeze stand amazon, then this simply mounting hardware is perfect.

Moreover, the small sizer of these hooks  won’t spoil your  room decorations!


The notable features

  • 02 anchors × 02 bolts design
  • All are high quality  galvanized steel made
  • Base diameter of the ceiling plate is  4.8" wide by 3.3" height
  • 04 lag bolts (wood) & 04 concrete  bolts
  •  Maximum load capacity is 300 Lbs/ 150 kg per hook
  • An illustrated yoga trapeze ceiling mount instructions


2.Heavy-duty swing hangers by the Jungle Gym Kingdom

The swing hanger is the most notably rush protective DACROMET coating than traditional galvanized finishers.

So, this ceiling mount hangers are very unique to use in multiple ways in indoor and outdoor as well.

Out of many swinging suspension elements, aerial yoga hammock fits perfectly for all types of yoga trapeze poses!

We like its engineering process as it prevents metal rubs. There are custom vinyl washers that are friendly in any weather conditions.

And most notably, these indoor and outdoor hangers can easily mount with any suitable surface including beam, cedar, rafter, wood, concrete or tree branch and so many forth.

Indeed, hanging yoga trapeze and taking exercises are not  obstructive on it at all. Rather it encourages performing air yoga for a long time!

The notable features

  • It is exclusively with the wooden source but very compatible with concrete, beam, rafter, cedar, etc.
  • Because of multiple surface options, mounting hardware like bolts, screws, etc. are not included.
  • ½ inch pre-drilled holes offer 3 inches hax bolts, lag bolts, carriage bolts.
  • Hanger's total weight limit is 2400 lbs. /1088 kg
  • Snap hook's weight capacity is  600 lbs. / 272 kg each
  • Snap hooks are zinc coated


  • Strongly supports yoga trapeze or hammock for all kinds of aerial poses.
  • It works great against the rush.
  • Very durable & sturdy.
  • A washer is attached to avoid friction & sound.


Our concern is that no mounting screws/bolts are included because of the different types of surfaces.So,you need to purchase separate screws/bolts from your local store.


3. Awroutdoor heavy duty swing hangers

With the mission to offer multi-dimensional usages factors, Awroutdoor provides a heavy-duty awesome swing hanger with necessary mounting hardware.

If you want to get 360 rotation with your aerial yoga hammock ceiling mount, this heavy duty swing hanger is certainly an awesome pick!

We like its swing brackets for its all purposes swing apparatus like yoga swings, gymnastic rings, porch swings and many others.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its four hex lag bolts and four screw bolts. These heavy duty bolts fit with wooden beam, cedar wood, rafter and concrete stud simultaneously.

Furthermore, we notably notice its superb quality materials. The SUS 304 hangers are anti-rust, fighting with any rough weather.

So, you can install it in any suitable indoor or outdoor locations as you wish!

The safety weight of this lightweight swing  hanger is 1000 Lbs.(453.5 kg).Hence, get lost with your romantic time without any worrying.

The notable features

  • Material: High quality latest innovative SUS304 stainless steel
  • Weight capacity: 2 in a set offers 1000 Lbs(454 kgs)
  • There have two 0.3" pre-drilled holes in each hanger
  • Total 04 concrete anchors for concrete installation & 04 Hex bolts for wooden installation.


  • Great for yoga trapeze, gymnastic rings, punching bags, porch swing or swing chair, etc.
  • It is very  compatible with wooden beams, concrete, or home gym or outdoor equipment.
  • Installation is easy by providing detailed instructions.
  • Snap swiveling gives a 360° rotation.

4.Swing Mate heavy duty swing Hanger

SWING MATE by Levi Innovations offers quite sturdy glass with reinforced nylon steel axle swing hangers. As e perfect swing mate, these heavy duty ceiling hooks for swings come with the certified weight rate of 1500 lbs.(680 kg).

Thanks to the manufacturer for its plastic coating over high strength steel. It remarkably fights with any bad weather whenever you install it in any outdoor hanging sources!

 Besides, it is compatible with any kind of screws and lag bolts for any kind of surfaces. This certainly relieves you from installing multiple sources as well.

Isn’t it time now to ignore over priced many other swing hangers as they advertise? Yes, as a real alternative to yoga swing stands, these swing hangers can easily turn to yoga trapeze stands very well.


5.Amerigo Premium Hammock hooks

What gorgeous hammock stand kits do you deserve? Yes, Amerigo Premium Hammock hooks kit comes to meet your requirements for your aerial yoga solution.

Its secure all in one package covers 02 round pad eyes with ring,02 spring snap hooks and 04 lag screws. Those are high strength and  offer 600 lbs.(300 lbs. per pad) carrying load capacity.

We like its thickness, sturdiness and simple design. For that very reason, you can easily install it anywhere in any indoor and outdoor spots, if those carry 600 lbs. load. Whether it may be a veranda, balcony, balcony, garden or gazebo etc.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its Molybdenum coating stainless steel. It works heavily against corrosion and bad weather.

                Features and advantages

  • Package includes -02 round pad eyes 02 spring snap hooks 04 lag screws.
  • Max load capacity is 600 lbs.(300 Lbs2) 
  • Best to install an indoor home ceiling or 2 by 6 wooden floor joist.
  • Hooks come with high quality SS 316 stainless steel, upgraded than SS 304 with Molybdenum. It is heavy to anti-corrosion & rust even outdoors.
  • Two extra carabiner hooks are keen to hang yoga trapeze, gymnastic rings, punching bags, etc.
  • Installation is effortless for about 10 minutes.
  • Perfect for yoga trapeze systems.


  • Snap hook is smaller

6.ABUSA Heavy Duty swing hangers      

Now we are going to tell you another premium aluminum alloy made swing hanger for your ultimate yoga trapeze, this is Abusa  swing hangers. As a perfect rust and burs free metal, it offers worrying free use in any indoor or outdoor locations.

The high quality bearings including necessary rigging equipment make this alternative aerial yoga hammock stand as an excellent yoga trapeze ceiling hook!

Besides, as a versatile usage of this swing hangers include cradle beds, yoga belts, boxing sandbags etc.

Item weight and capacity:                                                     

  • Item weight:2.49 lbs.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 5895/2674 Lbs.

7.Ceiling X Mount Hook

"For Yogis by the Yogis", Uplift Active Ceiling Hook is excellent for traditional yoga hammock rigging.

We like very much for their set of 2 -concrete expansion bolts and wood bolts. It allows simple installing with any kind of hanging beams as we stated earlier.

Yes, this set fits perfectly for mounting in the studio as well as home use simultaneously!

The high strength quality made materials, Uplift Active aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipment satisfies the thousands of customers world. 

Physical features

Dimension:12 cm(Wide) 3mm (Thick) 12mm(Diameter)

Set: Two durable steel coated X-mount plates 

Maximum weight load:330 lbs./150Kg


  • Full mounting sets are sturdy and well made.
  • Perfect for studio and home use.
  • Simply installation process with any support beam
  • Amazing customer support
  • Rating:9.8 out of 10

8.Besthouse heavy duty swing 

Another heavy duty permanent anti rush swing hanger is from completely upgraded 304 SUS stainless steel.

As usually the brand BeneLabel offers two kinds of bolts and screws for different kinds of beam/stud.

But most notably, it has detachable mechanism. Means, regardless of whether your chain, rope or connecting buckles are closed, you still can attach your suspension elements including yoga trapeze, punching bags etc.

The all parts including safety buckle, locknut are high strength to fight with bad environment, corrosion etc. Moreover, these elements are non-toxic and human health friendly.

Physical specifications

  • The pack is for only one swinger with 2 Hex lag bolts (Tree / wood) & 2 concrete anchors.
  • Max load capacity:1000 Lbs. /454 kg
  • Silent nylon bushing is inside the bracket.
  • Two pre-drilled holes(2.36 inch each) for bolting installation
  • The dimensions of the bolts are 3.35 inches(Length) & two diameter sizes:0.31 inch (wood) ,0.47 inches(Concrete )


  • SUS 304 stainless steel swinger & bolts offer a sturdy & safe use of yoga trapeze.
  • Easily can be used with concrete, cedar wood, rafter or wooden beams or A-type houses inside, etc.
  • Heavy load capacity no squeaky
  • Lubrication is available, so no worries about friction & rust.
  • Installation is effortless.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.


Best alternative of yoga trapeze ceiling hooks

If you are hesitant doing aerial yoga on the yoga swing ceiling mount, then there are alternative to other trapeze stand sources.

These include 

a.Free standing trapeze stand

b.Aerial yoga straps/Daisy chains

c.Doorway frame bar as trapeze as trapeze stand.

 Wrap up

Yoga trapeze ceiling hooks or yoga swing ceiling mount, whatever you call it for hanging yoga swing, picking it needs careful considerations.

Our study  shows here that whenever you're going to pick mounting hardware, initially you should consider your beam type. Then, come to the point of spot. Is it for indoor and outdoor?

After considering these two vital issues, now you can easily decide which brand's ceiling hooks adjust ,fit and meet your requirements.

Happy flying! 

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