Best tested yoga trapeze reviews that actually in 2019

Yoga, a combined exercise of physical, mental & spiritual discipline, was originated in ancient India, now a global buzzing word, has nearly half-million monthly search queries in Google globally.  Aerial yoga is the modified form of traditionally practiced yoga which is performed in mid-air with the help of yoga trapeze or swing. It’s a great invention of the US physical therapist, Antonio Cardenas, in 2001. Earlier in the last decade -choreographer Christopher Harrison initiated same tool for anti-gravity fitness I assemble here all the necessary information about the world’s best manufacturer’s best yoga trapeze reviews. So, cool..



Founded in 2007 by the internationally famous figure of yoga trainer & nutritionist Lucas Rockwood.In his YOGABODY Naturals LLC. The most trusted yoga trapeze by global people has been produced.

OMG, my cat loves this trapeze also swing & my kid wants to be Superman.
Feature/Outer specification/Design
• Its dimension is 12 6 8 inches; 4 pounds
• Nice red & orange color combo.
• It has been tested to hold 600lbs
• This has one main sling, two sets of handles (Three of each), four heavy Carabiner clips, two climbers-mounted knotted ropes, awesome carrying bag for an outer workout.

Install it Using IKEA hooks or eye bolts to a ceiling joist-very much secure.
-You need only drill & ratchet

• Providing small card with poses, instruction DVD,& do “traction jackson”
• Great parachute material fabric for trapeze yoga & super tidily carrying bag
• Super easy to set up from a tree, basketball hoop, pull up bar or rafter in a ceiling.
• Much less material than any other trapeze in the market
• Mess –orthopedic suffered persons have a great benefit from it.
• It’s easy to mount & easy to wash
• It has gym grade grip rubber handles
• Rock- climber grade Carabiners
• Ingeniously, elegantly & intuitively designed

• It has a little bit of pressure on bad hip & thighs
• It is pricier than others

Special considerations to buy this:
YOGABODY offers a 10-year parts warranty, so cut your worries about the replacement.
Extra tips: I suggest this swing for inversion if you are looking for back pain, on the other hand, if you are desiring to have an excellent Vinyasa flow, it is recommended a silk swing.

• Firstly, it makes you dizzy, but slowly it eases into & outer
I wish this trapeze would be the best gift for your dear.

2. UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing
Aerial yoga becomes an extra gorgeous by this stylish professional design.
Outer specification:
• Its load strength is 550 lbs plus for your ultimate safety.
• Spacious & wider swing seat allows you maximum freedom air exercise
• One trapeze yoga seat or hammock.
• Two yoga swings arms (Each one has 3 handles)
• Two customized height adjustable daisy chains
• Four heavy strength steel Carabiners
• One elegant looking travel carrier.

Special considerations to buy:

Take 30 days free trial. If you are any confusion. Contact with UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing and ensure your refund 100%
• Price is affordable
• The sling is large enough to give you room for almost any size
• Better padding relieves you to fly like a spider pose without any trouble in the future.
• E-book provides you to show how to connect the handles & even some beginner’s poses

• Any mounting accessories are not included
• No instructions for installation
• Carabiners are small to give you more exercise

3. Yoga trapeze by Yoga4you

Outstanding trapeze maker the Yoga4you provides affordable and elite design-encourages kids to old to do inversion & body stretching exercise.

Outer specification:
• Trapeze kit has
• This aerial yoga swing/ trapeze is extraordinarily made of parachute silk nylon fabric
• Very recommended for studio or home
• Hanging kit is heavy enough to bear the weight up to 600 lbs
• Swing is large enough-98 inches by 59 inches

Pros:, andry clearly stated instructions to install & some poses
• Double layer material in the middle of the trapeze gives you more comfort than any other in the market.
• Thick foam handles certainly make your inversion pose very delightful
• Color & design surely encourages you to do inversion workout.
• A lucrative carrying bag is provided

4. Yoga trapeze kit set by CO-Z

CO-Z aerial yoga swing has brought to you a complete inversion health exercise solution.
Outer specifications:
• The package is included with -1 trapeze swing + 4 Carabiners + 6 Training belts with 6 foam handles + 1 Storage bag
• Trapeze is made of polyester taffeta
• Size dimension: 98″ x 59″
• It carries up to 400 lbs
• Color is available(Black/blue/purple + white)

• It is durable, colorfast & smooth
• Mounting instructions are included in PDF print out.
• Extraordinary & High-density nylon silks than others
• Stitching looking good
• Very soft, lightweight & more comfortable to lay or sit in
• Buying assembly kit- only you extra need wood lag bolts
• Price is very handy

• No hard print installation instructions included
• You may need to buy straps to which you hang
• Stitches are not very neat
• Inversion exercise may not always safe.

5. AUKIEEYoga Swing/Hammock/Trapeze/Sling

Outer specifications:

AUKIEE is another best brand that holds a capacity up to 440 lbs, ensuring your ultimate safety. The length of the swing seat is 2.5 m (95 inches), Stretch width is approx. 1.4 m (55 inches), The length of the handle is approximately equal to 2 0.6m (24 inches), 2 short & long handle length is approx. 0.3 m (12 inch) & 1.1 meters (44 inch) respectively.
• The great product package is 6 in 1
• Sold with instructions with video USB flash drive
• All six handles’ size is the same & durable plastic made
• Heavy quality construction & easy to install
• Different colors like tender green/charcoal/blue are available
• The product is from Japan

• The yoga swing is easy to use & disassemble.
• The interior of the handle is made of ABS resin which is non-toxic.
• Extra nylon ropes are provided if your ceiling is too high
• You can clean it by washing machine after dissembling Carabiners.
• Mounting accessories are included-no need to buy extra items
• Worry-free return guarantee is available
• Customer service is very much friendly.

• You may extra need hardware according to your ceiling or beam
• Some poses/alignments may not be able to do due to handling levels

6. Ultra-strong trapeze by TEC

Outer specifications:
• Item’s weight is 3.1 lbs
• Handicraft stitched makes it awesome
• Rock-climbing grade carabiners, Pro-Grade rubber handles and heavy-duty ropes (holding up to 600 lbs).
• Its color is purple
• Price is incredibly low; it’s a no-brainer!
• Set up instructions online guide is provided with it via a link in a card.

• The fabric is anti-fraying,ultra-soft & most durable
• Exclusively water resistant
• Color is durable & most fadeless
• This product has a five-year warranty
• 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
• Do an inverted butterfly pose from the pace chart supplied with it.
• Three different handles surely ease you to do all kinds of aerial exercises
• The pose chart is super perfect & beneficial for beginners & advanced users

• No cons are still recorded by customers

Yoga swing by TEC is highly recommended

7. Overlooking ultra strong Aerial Yoga Swing Trapeze by Ever King

Outer specifications
• It is made of high-quality parachute fabric
• It’s carrying load capacity is up to 200kg or 440lbs
• Size: 250 x 150cm/98.43 x 59.06inch
• Color: Orange/purple/violet
• Package information: 1 Yoga hammock + 2 Extension straps + 6 Carabiners + 1 portable storage bags

• High synthetic & non-toxic, stable fiber
• Super durable, versatile & well-constructed
• Installation is so simple & in any place, i.e. in a lofted room, patio or garage
• Comfortable softy grips & ductile clips
• Cheaper alternative trapeze than any other describe on Facebook or Instagram search

• It doesn’t include hanging straps
• Poor directions for hanging

8. Trapeze swings by Japan

This swing is extraordinarily made of sturdy nylon taffeta
* It holds up to 660 lbs
* Free set-up guide & trapeze tutorials are available on its own manufacturer site.
• Comfortable thick padded foam with triple stitched swing seat
• It helps to surround the move naturally in both horizontally & vertically
• Powerful yoga swing tool to improving core strength, flexibility & relieves compressed spinal disc
• The extraordinarily made Gpeng Swing enables one to maintain & move deeply into yoga asana & postures for a certain period without strain & develop stamina.
• Using the pouch, one can easily take it to do exercise anywhere
• Great for beginners of all ages

• There have little assembly instructions
• No hardware included

9. Zenyogi-Aerial-Yoga-Swing

Outer specifications:
• It is the highest superior quality of 210T Nylon Taffeta
• Easily holds over 600 lbs
• 2 flexible but strong extension straps, 2 heavy-duty Iron Screw Carabiners (8 mm), 6 mild, non-slip foam handles, and a free carrying case.
• “Zenyogi’s Beginner’s Guide to Aerial Yoga” a simply written e-book of 20 pages, give you extra relief to do swing exercise without any fear.
• Unconditionally 90 days return guarantee if you’re not satisfied
• Available color: sky blue/green flash/Azalea Pink/Limestone-Gray/Light purple

• Everything is included here, you need not buy any other extra materials
• Brackets, daisy chains, handle grips all are sturdy & well made
• The e-book is provided with it heavily beneficiary for easy to harder or any strenuous poses
• Amazing for inversion exercise simultaneously with muscle training
• Suspension anchors provide an extra room to place anywhere effortlessly

• No supercritical reviews still are not given by customers. Sometimes the pdf format of the pamphlet is not found, but after containing the manufacturer they instantly take action and send e-book through the concerned buyer.


* The bottom of the swing should be between waist & hips

10. Yoga swing hammock by QUBABOBO

Outer specifications:
• Upgraded Nylon Taffeta T210 material
• Two different sizes are available (250* 150 cm & 350*150 cm)
• It holds up to 660 lbs
• It offers an undisputed 100% promise with an unsatisfaction return guarantee
• A super-fast shipping company

• Bigger & comfortable thick padded foam handles
• Verified by customers that herniated discs, sciatica.
• Spacious triple stitched swing seat
• Multi-loop daisy chains are extra durable, per capacity, load up to 330 lbs
• Multicolor is available
• Double layer parachute soft fabric & ropes are well strength.

• Mounting accessories are not included, you need to buy separately if you want to install in a beam
• It’s a little small for some moves

• Cross-fit, sturdy ceiling hooks should be used for ultimate security

11.   Yoga inversion sling by Gravotonics


  • Awesome bronze color
  • Best strength parachute fabric
  • Tare weight is 2.9 lbs or 1.3 kg


  • With 6 very comfortable grips, a practitioner gets amusement to do exercise.
  • Having a leg & pelvis stand, any posture, whereas horizontally, vertically or inverse prop is easily possible.
  • Installation is very easy less than one minute.
  • Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) system allows for burning indoor or outdoor easily.
  • Great tool for physical therapy
  • A DVD is included which is very essential for the novice.
  • More fabric than others
  • Price is cheaper


  • Required hardware, i.e. Bolts are not included in the ceiling joist.
  • The fabric is not very stretchy.


Basics of yoga trapeze show that how beneficial a yoga trapeze is! Aerial yoga exercise has become easily possible on the Yoga Trapeze Stand

The aforementioned yoga trapeze reviews are the best pick across the world. Cool, get your Trapeze by just a click.