Top 10 Best Yoga Trapeze Reviews & Comparison

To pick an appropriate yoga trapeze for your preferred aerial yoga is really a tricky decision. After researching the updated global knowledge about inversion exercise, we gather all necessary nitty-gritty about the best trapeze products brand here! Today,I'll help you to choose your preferable trapeze yoga by providing in-details of the yoga trapeze reviews accepted globally.               

Yoga, a combined exercise of physical, mental & spiritual discipline, was originated in ancient India, now a global buzzing word. It has nearly half-million monthly search queries in Google globally. Aerial yoga is the modified form of traditionally practiced yoga, which is performed in mid-air with the help of yoga trapeze or swing. It’s a great invention of the US physical therapist, Antonio Cardenas, in 2001. Earlier -choreographer Christopher Harrison invented the same tool for anti-gravity fitness. We assemble here all the necessary information about the world’s best manufacturer’s best yoga trapeze reviews in other word gravity yoga reviews. So, cool.

To pick an appropriate yoga trapeze for your preferred aerial yoga is really a tricky decision. After researching the updated global knowledge about inversion exercise, we gather all necessary nitty-gritty the best trapeze products brand here!


Yogabody-yoga-trapeze reviews

Founded in 2007 by the internationally famous figure of yoga trainer & nutritionist Lucas Rockwood.YOGABODY Naturals LLC. has now turned the most trusted yoga trapeze product brand globally.

With the mission of relieving backpain,strengthening core muscle or weak backbone furthermore making  flexible of the body,YOGABODY Trapeze is the best option to pick.

Its U-shaped seat is about 9 Ft. long with two bracket ends. This is very adjustable with yoga trapeze stand/door mount bar/swing sets or ceiling hooks with nylon ropes which are covered with package.

Each handle is 4 Ft. length which is customizable according to your preferred comfortable distance.

Parachute nylon & non-toxic fabric gives an extra strong & safest inversion exercise.

It offers worrying free up to 350 Lbs/159 kg & weight tested up to near double what is mentioned.

  • Each carabiner has home gym rubber handles which give a super & comfortable grip.
  • Lead free fabric & easily washable.
  • It provides trapeze pose chart & instructional video in DVD/on-line access tutorial.(
  • Elegantly designed.
  • Excellent for all beneficial inversion exercises.
  • Over 6 different multi-colors
  • Excellent duffel bag for carrying it anywhere.
  • Parts warranty are for 10 years & a one (01) year full satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • Amazing customer rating-out of

 It has a little bit of pressure on bad hip & thighs

      •    It is pricier than others

Installation process

  • Yoga trapeze or hammock’s U-loop length should be as your hip height.
  • If you use trapeze with free stand then, mounting ropes are enough to fasten with yoga trapeze.Click here full YouTube video.
  • Install yoga trapeze with door mount bar –click this YouTube video
  • If you use with ceiling hooks then we suggest using two (02) hooks-because it gives enough room.
  • Does it include ceiling hooks or bar?
  • Ans. No. It covers only yoga trapeze, 04 handles with carabiners, mounting ropes, DVD & a portable carrying bag.

2. INTEY aerial yoga trapeze kit .Grab it now!

INTEY Yoga trapeze reviews

INTEY is a global VIP sports & outdoor products brand, a very well known for a huge storage in Amazon.Probably,Intey aerial yoga sling kit is the first a complete package with multi-types of mounting accessories.

The trapeze is extraordinarily made from yarn & piece –dyed Polyester Taffeta. Very smooth & sturdy type fabric makes the trapeze distinct in getting maximum aerial benefits.

This thin trapeze fabric is strong to hold the weight load 450 Lbs/200 kg easily.

 Two more than average extension straps (3 Ft. long) with multi loops allow adjusting with any hanging source easily.

Therefore, two different sets of bolts (4 concrete & 4 hex bolts) offer to install concrete ceiling stud or wooden beam.

Besides, rings in the package are externally adjusting trapeze cloth to give you super support to stretch your full body in the trapeze.

The kit has four alloy hooks which connect the main trapeze with two handles securely.


  • Great to use all level of ages from 10 to 45 years or beyond.
  • Installation is whether in swing stand, ceiling stud or your backyard tree branch.
  • It has versatile usages to use as a home gym tool or aerial hammock use in any pleasing sea side or natural outdoor relaxation.
  • An excellent alternative buy of inversion table or yoga ball to relieve back pain & make stronger upper to lower body core muscle.
  • Also a great buy for adult intimacy.
  • Wonderful customer rating


The material of the trapeze is stretch free so difficulty arises while doing advanced yoga poses.


  • Does it provide ceiling clips ?
  • Ans.No

3. Yoga Trapeze by Yoga4You

Yoga4You yoga trapeze reviews

A New Jersey based non-profit organization, Yoga4You is now a trusted yoga brand by its expert team member-Nicole Lepe,Tiffany Mercer & Tonya Catando.

With the message of “your first step into anti-gravity world”-its complete aerial swing set is hailed by global yoga enthusiast.

Its non-stretching high quality nylon fabric & gripping handles are extra comfortable.

Expandable daisy chains offer to swing from any yoga trapeze stand, tree limb, cedar or wooden beam, door mount bar or swing hangers/ceiling hooks.

Holding weight up to 600 lbs/273 kg-it enables all kinds of simple to advanced aerial inversion exercise perfectly.

Furthermore, all six handles with weight-tested carabiners are sturdy enough to give inversion therapy for lymphatic cleansing, rejuvenating your complete body cell & muscles.


  • Excellent to use indoor or outdoor.
  • Additional double layer U-loop seat provides comfortable workout.
  • While purchasing, it provides excellent installation & instruction guide.
  • Over seven preferable colors & design surely encourages & amuse you to do inversion workout.
  • A lucrative carrying portable bag for yoga trapeze classes or any outdoor.
  • Nicely used for making intimacy with your partners
  • Expansion straps offer 11 Ft.-12 Ft. even more height adjustable hanging sources.
  • Easily washable without carabiners.
  • It has satisfactory customer support.
  • Amazing customer rating-out of 267 customers 208 gave a very positive reply.



  • Climbing accessories as suspension hooks/brackets  are not covered.
  • Zero stretching & hard fabric.

4.UpCircleSeven Yoga Trapeze

UpCircleSeven Yoga Trapeze reviews

UpCircleSeven Yoga swing or trapeze is one of the best inventions of inversion exercise for this era. The manufacturer initially provides it in online, now an acceptable aerial yoga prop globally.

  • It is made from fully parachute fabric which load capacity up to 550 Lbs/
  • The fabric is super by tipple stitching.
  • Therefore, two swing arms with six carabiners’ handles give a very comfortable flying yoga.
  • Two daisy chains include in it support to hang it swing stand or outdoor tree limb. That is two is for one!
  • Its instructional guide in DVD or in perfect YouTube resources.
  • It offers stylish six (6) multiple colors with sturdy material.


  • Spacious & wider swing seat allows you maximum freedom air exercise
  • Price is affordable
  • The sling is large enough to give you room for almost any size
  •  Better padding relieves you to fly like a spider pose without any trouble in the future.
  •  E-book provides you to show how to connect the handles & even some beginner’s to advanced yoga poses.


  • No mounting accessories are  included.
  •  No instructions for installation.
  •  Carabiners are small to allow you more exercise.

Installation guide is available here.

5. YOGATAIL Yoga Swing

YOGATAIL Yoga trapeze reviews

With the message of “Think simple be transparent’’ –YOGATAIL is a dedicated yoga trapeze product brand.

The “all in one” package is a perfect & recommended by yoga teacher, physical therapist & celebrities.

An excellent exploring weightless exercise medium in the mid air-this swing is lengthier (L -8.5 Ft. & W-4.9 Ft) than average sling in the market.

It allows TRX style workouts which is the most beneficial exercise in the suspension training to make healthier your joints.

The triple stitched swing’s fabric is one of the mildest parachute hammock & heavy to hold the weight load up to 600 Lbs/273 kg.

All four carabiners are pro-graded stainless steel, offer worrying free sky yoga.   

The gym graded six hard plastic wrapped gripping foam padded handles are sturdy to allow you an ultimate free aerial movement by reducing pressure whatever angel you choose.

Two height adjustable daisy chains/straps are very secured to install/hang with the trapeze stand ,door way mount bar, tree branch, exposed beam, ceiling mounts/hooks or stud with eye bolts.


  • Installation & instruction manual is very much helpful from beginners to advanced yogis/practitioner.
  • Extra large non-locking carabiners are easy to use swing & dissemble.
  • Easily washable
  • Bonus point is trapeze set is knotted in pack, open & ready to use.
  • Stylish looking portable bag includes.
  • Price is great.
  • Saves hundred dollars to buy extra gym tool for the disc herniated in the neck or upper back traction.
  • Outstanding customer service.



  • Accessories are not weight rated.


  • Does the YOGATAIL provide mounting accessories?
  • Ans.No,You need to buy separately. See our trapeze stand.

6. Yoga trapeze kit by CO-Z

CO-Z Yoga trapeze reviews

CO-Z provides an excellent total aerial yoga swing set. Its trapeze is fully manufactured in automated weaving facilities, an oldest luxurious fabric, name polyester taffeta, since third century by Persian artisans.

Taffeta  is UV resistant & moisture free to do aerial yoga exercise very delightfully.

Its 8 Ft. length & near 5 Ft. width fabric allows to do advanced yoga poses which are difficult on ground.

Taffeta is heavy to hold up 400 Lbs/182 kg weight load easily.

All six handles of anti-skid & comfortable grip offer a long time easy anti-gravity poses.

CO-Z yoga trapeze is dedicated for inversion exercise to make your spine healthy & to cleanse your body by circulation of fresh blood through whole body cell & tissue.


  • Strong & secured trapeze /hammock
  •  It is durable, colorfast & spacious.
  • All kinds of mounting accessories include whether to install by free –standing yoga stand, cedar or wooden beam or tree branch.
  • Two heavy daisy chains offer to hang your trapeze almost any kind of secured hanging sources.
  • Installation is easy, guide includes in PDF print out.
  • Fabric is super mild, light weight.
  • Hang this bedroom & spice up your love.
  • This high density nylon trapeze is easily washable & dried-up.
  • A nice portable bag allows to carry outdoor.
  • Excellent price.


  • You need to buy wood lag bolts to install in on the wooden beam.
  • Material is non-stretchy.
  • The co-z trapeze is not tall enough.

7. AUKIEE Yoga swing set. (6 in 1 package)

Aukiee-yoga-trapeze reviews

Aukiee offers a total aerial yoga trapeze set for your healthy spine, core muscle & modern busy life style.

To shape your body what you desire is very possible by inversion exercise while decompressing body stiff, lessening vertebral pressure & rejuvenating your inner body.

Its foam made three sizes six handles (1, 2 & 3.7 Ft. respectively.) allows amusing long time yoga trapeze poses in the mid-air.

  All handles are from ABS resin​, non-toxic elements for human health.

Furthermore,5 Ft. long Aukiee’s main U-shape hammock is manufactured in “Ripstop Nylon Parachute Fabric” process .Hence, its strength, tear resistance, permeability & elasticity is superb. The trapeze is easily held up to load 440 Lbs/200 kg.

All carabiners include with handles are heavy 201 stainless steel, weight tested up to 200 kg.

The trapeze also includes two one meter length extension belts for your more than average ceiling heights or hanging sources. So, install it in your bedroom easily & spice up your couple life.

It provides all kinds of mounting accessories as it earlier mentioned six in one- Yoga trapeze kit

           -two extension straps

           -two mounting set

           - Portable yoga bag

          -free yoga video in USB store

           -Instruction print out guide.


  • Easily set up in swing stand,beam,swing hangers or tree branch etc.
  • No skin problem-it is 210T Nylon fabric
  • Package provides a clear video instruction about installation process & flying yoga poses.
  • Mounting accessories are included-no need to buy extra items
  • Different elegant colors like tender green/charcoal/blue are available
  • Worry-free return guarantee is available
  • Customer service is very much friendly.
  • Price is great.


  • You need to buy some adjustable extra bolts
  • No door mount bar bracket includes, you need to buy it separately.


Does it provide wood screws?

Ans.Only concrete screws.

8.Super yoga trapeze by yogaswingpro

YOGASWINGPRO Trapeze reviews

With the mission of “Your fitness montra”,YogaSwingPro becomes a global accepted flying yoga trusted brand by bringing you ultimate  health, happiness & peace of mind.

Examined & tested by aerial yoga expert,yogaswingpro is fully made with high quality nylon parachute fabric.

Its fabric’s length size is 8.2 Ft. & width-5 Ft. more average other trapeze brand. It helps to decompress your spine & relax your muscle effectively.

Two multi-loop (4.2 Ft. & 9 loops) daisy chain straps allow to adjust with different heights whether in indoor

bed room, balcony, terrace, garage etc. or outdoor park, tree limb etc.

All six pieces three different sized foam padded handles are fully Ergonomic - long & extra comfortable to use.

Furthermore, the heavy duty carabiners are fully premium grade stainless steel-offer worrying free best sky yoga poses.


  • Its spacious &comfortable hammock seat is fully distinguished for yogis
  • Fabric is sturdy ,durable with high quality
  • Its ergonomic padded handles are amazing for increasing yogis’ efficiency while decreasing fatigue, discomfort & risk of injury.
  • Installation & instruction manual is so much helpful to install & use it.
  • Great for restorative yoga poses who had got surgeries or injuries.
  • Two portable bags-one is big for all kits & another one for other small accessories.
  • Fast & pleasing customer service.
  • Very economical & great buy.
  • Customer rating is superb.


  • Colors are limited.

9. Aerial anti gravity yoga hammock by KARRIW

Yoga Trapeze reviews by KARRIW

KARRIW is a popular brand product in the anti-gravity fitness world, patio, lawn & garden.

The extra large (8.2 Ft.) & wide (5 Ft.) hammock allows more spacious & comfortable all Yoga Trapeze Poses.

Moreover, the silkiest offers a heavy load strength up to 440 lbs/200 kg-makes easy & fun for intimacy with your partner.

Two (02) extender straps are strong to install with any hanging sources –exposed or cedar or wooden beam, tree branch, yoga trapeze stand, ceiling hooks or swing hangers.

Besides, all six handles are comfortable foam padded to grip strongly your sweaty hands.

Furthermore, all four installed carabiners are stainless steel to provide a secured attachment between trapeze & adjustable straps or daisy chains.

Four different stylish colors are excellent to encourage you more long lasting aerial poses.


  • This trapeze fabric is fully from nylon taffeta-a soft, heavy, non-toxic & friendly for human body.
  • Assembling & dissembling are very easy
  • Maneuverability offers greatly vinassaya flow ,star inversion pose, squats, pilates types or any floor poses with the trapeze 
  • Very reasonable price-near one third of the popular brand.
  • Pretty customer service by the seller.
  • Very good customer rating 8.6 out of 10. Out of 64 customers 68%  reviewed very positively,


  • You need to buy mounting kits  separately
  • Carabiners & straps are not weight rated but heavy.

10. Cheapest & Strong Aerial Yoga Swing Trapeze by EVERKING

Yoga Trapeze reviews by EVERKING

EVERKING provides a king size & quality yoga trapeze. If you feel confused about aerial yoga then you can try with this trapeze spending a little bucks but no compromising with safety.

Like other popular brands, it is soft, sturdy & full of parachute fabric.

It strength is enough to hold up to 440 lbs/200 kg easily-so fly with your partner, no problem.

Also, this super stitched trapeze is long (8.2 Ft.) & wide (5 Ft.) enough to allow all kinds of aerial poses.

Though this yoga sling package doesn’t provide straps/daisy chains ,but it separately supplies ceiling accessories like mounting brackets & bolts.

Besides, different stylish & pleasing colors surely encourage you doing a durable sky yoga exercise.


  • Probably, the EVERKING trapeze is the cheapest & quality hammock in the market ever!
  • Super durable, versatile & well-constructed.
  • Comfortable softy grips & ductile clips.
  • Non-toxic & easily washable.
  • A nice portable bag


  • The package doesn’t include straps or daisy chains
  • Poor instructional manual

Extra tips: Daisy chains/Straps are easily available in the market

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is not other than typical yoga poses  on ground, additionally it helps to enable some advanced yoga postures & prolong hard yoga poses in the mid air with the assistance of prop –widely known as yoga trapeze or hammock.

As for example, in traditional tree pose, a practitioner stands on ground or yoga mat & holds his arms overhead placing hips in squared. But, it’s a troublesome for the beginners and also difficult to hold a long time for the advanced yogis.

But in the aerial pose, with the help of trapeze or hammock-it is simple for the all level practitioners. Just stand securely inside the trapeze/hammock and then balance on one foot while placing the other against the ankle. By this way, a yogi can be able to do the posture for a long time easily.As following pic.

Yoga trapeze reviews

So, many traditional kinds of yoga poses are now becoming an effortless & effective workout with the best yoga prop in aerial yoga.

Many health experts  including physiotherapists, epidemiologists or infection prevention nurse recommend anti-gravity inversion poses in aerial yoga

What is yoga trapeze?

Anti-gravity fitness or weightless fitness is now an acceptable branded word in the fitness world. Yoga trapeze or people call it by another names yoga hammock, yoga sling-is a proven sky yoga tool in the anti-gravity arena. It is a sturdy broaden & lengthy fabric whereas aerial yoga is done.

The average length of the hammock is 8 Ft. to 9 Ft. & width is 4.5 Ft. to 5.5 Ft.

Yogis or practitioners use it with or without straps/daisy chains hanging from yoga trapeze stand/tree branch/swing hangers or ceiling hooks.

There has a little difference between yoga trapeze or  hammock. In the yoga trapeze exercise, there have three different sizes of handles (total six) for easy movement of yoga poses. But in hammock, there has only a one main piece of soft fabric to feel anti-gravity fun in your ideal preferred place of relaxation.

What are the yoga trapeze benefits? 

Long standing or sitting in the desk work makes your spine compress & stiff your muscle. Doing backbend inversion exercise instantly decompress & relax your core muscle for healthy. Releasing myofascial tissue is necessary for the freshness.

To gain deeper backbends & to get relief from pain instantly-this is the best alternative option ever explored.

Furthermore, anti-gravity &inversion posture make our blood circulation faster than normal staying on the earth. Thus it quickly rejuvenates our total body cell & gives us a more preventive power against the diseases. 

Fresh blood flow in every cell of the body means to increase immune system & healing mechanism.

It is examined & tested that antigravity posture in the yoga trapeze is better than a long hour deep tissue message.

In a word, yoga trapeze means a Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) system which allows for burning indoor or outdoor easily.

Gravity compact our spine. It assists relaxing continuous pressure on ligaments & vertebrae discs.

Just concentrate a few minutes’ aerial position - get you stress free & a balanced body instantly.

How to use yoga trapeze

Just use your pelvic on u-loop trapeze for backbends & inversion exercise.

The u-loop seat should be as height as your hip for comfortable flying yoga.

The distance between U-loop seat & ground shouldn’t be more than 15 cm. Because,while doing inversion or backbends, hanging upside down will be safe within this distance.

You must wear out all of your ornaments for body & trapeze safety.

Moreover, before aerial workout, take light snacks at least thirty minutes before.

Yoga trapeze installation

Trapeze installation is a crucial consideration though some manufacturer provide ready to use yoga trapeze package. There are several components or accessories included with the main yoga trapeze.

As, yoga trapeze can used from multiple hanging sources like swing stand, swing hanger from ceiling studs/beam, wooden joist/beam, ceiling hooks, door way pull up bar, tree branch –

So, Yoga Trapeze Installation process/ are different based on hoisting source.

    Generally, six different sizes of handles (each side has three) are attached with main yoga hammock in the four carabiners (each side has two)-as the picture shows below.

        The two extender straps or daisy chains’ ends are then securely fasten with the two/three different sets of trapeze carabiners.

The distance between two hanging carabiners ends or straps fixing objects (beam/swing hanger/ceiling hooks/tree limb etc.) should be 50 cm to 80 cm.

So, installation is super easy! Make fun now!

The most considerable factors while buying yoga trapeze

As the earlier described the best yoga trapeze brand, we see there are some popular brands with almost everything you need to perform aerial yoga.

Trapeze length or height adjust-ability

Trapeze hanging source should be the prime considerable factors when to buy yoga trapeze. Where you use it-is it in the trapeze stand ? or bedroom, veranda, garage, beam or with ceiling hooks, door pull up bar or tree branch? Based on the sources-you can assume how much lengthy trapeze you need or whether you need height adjustable daisy chains or tree straps.

Trapeze fabric

Trapeze fabric is then another crucial issue. Most fabric’s material is strong nylon taffeta & others are parachute type. Some manufacturers provide double & some are triple stitched. Some are stretchy & some are non-stretchy. Silkiest fabric allows you a comfortable aerial yoga workout.

Trapeze color

It is scientifically proven that color makes you happy or gloomy. Pleasing color is important to merge your body & mind in the aerial yoga to get maximum benefits. Producers offer stylish & sounding multi-colors yoga trapeze. Pick your preferred color & do fun.


Budget is the most prime factor to pick the best yoga trapeze .Some popular brand is expensive as more than 500$ ,on the other hand some less known trapeze manufacturers also produce sturdy, quality & durable trapeze which cost under 100 $. So, the wise buy should be a tricky considerable ways-as only less pricey trapeze & buy mounting kits as daisy chains, carabiners, door frame bar brackets or bolts separately whatever you feel comfy to use in your home or outdoor.


Products’ warranty & guaranty are vital factors while picking yoga trapeze. As you are not physically present in the store, so after purchasing if you get unmatched product-this privilege ensure you money back guaranty. Moreover some sellers offer a certain time of satisfaction guaranty.

Yoga Trapeze Video

Yoga trapeze classes

Suspension yoga is becoming popular globally. Many yoga instructors teach aerial yoga. YouTube tutorials  are the best & big resources of the yoga trapeze classes.

If you are nervous to practice without instructors, get admission in your near yoga studio. Google‘aerial yoga near me”. Listen super yoga music while doing aerial poses on the trapeze. 

Aerial yoga injuries with the yoga trapeze

After following all aerial yoga precautions as putting off all ornaments,rings,watch or hair bands or others,you can easily avoid yoga injuries.Installing trapeze is sensitive but not a head ache.Follow manufacturers' guide carefully when you use in outdoor.You can get help from professional man while installing in your indoor. Most trapezes are weight tested.But, accident is accident.Furthermore, if you are still frightened or nervous  then put yoga blanket under yoga trapeze's  round & get more 100% worrying free about yoga injuries.

Finally, do inversion exercise by flying yoga with the help of yoga trapeze & get over all herniated disc& pain. Great sports medicine chiropractors are now talking positively for the yoga trapeze globally.

Take your hammock & make fun in the sea or lake side. Feel an amusing anti-gravity soothing relax or be  overwhelmed by aerial yoga or sky yoga work out by your yoga trapeze.