Paddleboard yoga is the form of modern, sophisticated yoga practice widely known in this decade. It is done on calm water on the paddleboard, known as yoga paddleboard when a single micro movement counts to work out the different yoga practice as vinyasas, Downward Dog & Tree pose, etc.Here, the global best yoga product's manufacturers' best yoga paddleboard is discussed in detail for your ultimate ease of picking a proper board. 

As the utmost challenging yoga on water, it exclusively helps to gain more mental focus, physical flexibility & stability. Paddleboard yoga is incomparable with any kind hot, or Bikram yoga poses. 


ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Board  Package by ISLE SURF & SUP

ISLE SUP Cruiser has globally accepted as the best yoga stand up paddleboard, not only its super stability but also its versatile usages. It is fully rugged with grip deck pad allowing to stand up on the water body performing all kinds of paddleboarding activities. As a family-friendly paddleboard,its soft top is very safe for letting your kids & dogs on the board.

This Cruiser board has the latest innovative paddleboard mechanism likely as epoxy paddleboards but more developed in its layer of textured croc skin padding. From beginners to any skill level paddle boarder for doing yoga, surfing, or recreational paddleboarding, it is a great choice. 

Specifications of the ISLE Soft Top Paddle Cruiser

Length: 10.5 Ft. /3.2 m

Width: 2.67 Ft. /81.29 cm

Weight: 12.93 kg/28.5 LBS

Capacity: 106.594 KG/ 235 LBS

Volume:175 Litres.

Material: Thermal Molded with organic Polystyrene & then laminated with fiberglass.

Paddler/How many Paddlers: Solo/Single but also with your baby or Dog touring.

Suitable for: Ponds/Lakes/Rivers/Ocean.

Package includes:

  • ISLE Carbon Hybrid Shaft Adjustable Sup Paddle.
  • ISLE Nylon Touring Centre Fin.
  • Coil Leash. 


  • This ISLE Cruiser has an all-around paddleboard body for yoga, surfing, or recreational cruising, etc.
  • Very lightweight.
  • This cruiser paddle board comes with a great package with a four-point bungee system allowing expandable space to carry required gear or yoga accessories.
  • Every subtle point is highly engineered for safe & comfortable paddling.
  • Side out grip, military graded flush handle, Coil leash plug for safe anchoring, center Fin set up for easy transportation, etc. gives maximum relaxation to the paddler.
  • Its Gortex ventilation plug is very much helpful for any rapid temperature change.
  • Extra gripping allows eliminating fatigue for extended cruising flat water & surfing with waves.
  • Sixty (60) days satisfaction guarantee.


  • It doesn’t include ankle leash. You need to buy it separately.


 Besides, the best yoga stand up paddleboard  ISLE SUP is simultaneously effective as the Epoxy surf-stand up paddle surfing, fishing sup, touring sup, surfing sup, or all-around sup. This yoga paddleboard is a true versatile inflatable board for beginners or intermediate.

Last updated on August 5th, 2020 at 05:59 am

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