Top 15 Paddleboard yoga poses to reach you the next level!

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We do yoga practice on the mat for traditional yoga, practice in mid-air for aerial yoga, and now be able to work out all kinds of postures on the surface of the water. Our main aim is to integrate mind, body, and soul together as we know it is the most tested way to explore our spiritual horizon! Paddleboard yoga poses helps to get more focused mind than any other posture we ever practice and fun!

What does SUP yoga mean?

Paddleboarding yoga occurs while we are floating on water. This workout is possible in indoor pools and mostly outdoor serene water bodies such as lakes, ponds, etc. Light wind and a cool water environment make the yogis more delightful while doing postures SUP yoga on the water. 

What to wear for SUP yoga?

As you are going to perform yoga on paddleboards in an almost open space? Then pay attention to your wearing first. It is better to wear tank tops and tees. Your main aim is to keep safe on the paddleboard so, these are helpful to keep you dry when in the warm sunshine.

Furthermore, this bathing suit especially suits you to keep balanced and opt for quick swimming when you lose control. Ha ha!

Sunscreen lotion is necessary to keep you safe from UV rays. Spraying oil-free lotion on the body helps you against slipping on the board at the same time.

Standup paddleboard yoga poses

Unlike we do the traditional yoga poses on the ground, we don’t need any specialized skills on the water. While you may get hurt from a yoga injury on the ground,but in this way you just fall on water, just hug with it and have fun! Following are the most practiced and beneficial yoga poses we can workout on the SUP board.

1.Seated prayer pose


Sanskrit name: Sukhasana

Wins:Inner peace and calmness and straightens the backbone

1.Seated Prayer or Sukhasana pose

Pic:Seated Prayer pose

2. Sun salutation pose


Sanskrit name:Surya Namskar

Wins:It exclusively increases energy in the body.Well-known for warm up yoga poses.


2.Sun salutation pose

Pic:Sun salutation pose

3.Half twist pose


Sanskrit name:Ardha Matsyendrasana

Wins:It allows super flexibility to the spine and hips and tones.Helpful for abdominal muscles.


3.Half twist pose

Pic:Half twist pose

4.Downward Facing dog pose


Sanskrit name:Adho Mukha Svanasana

Wins:Well known for all body stretch including leg,arm and core strengthening

4.Downward facing dog pose

Pic:Downward facing dog pose

5.Upward facing dog


Sanskrit name:Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Wins:It lengthens and strengthens the abdominal muscles.Very helpful for spine and buttocks

5..Upward facing dog

Pic:Upward facing dog pose

6.Plank pose


Sanskrit name:Vasisthasana

Wins:It helps to increase balance and strengthens arms


6.Plank pose

Pic:Plank pose

7.Full wheel pose


Sanskrit name:Urdhva Dhanurasana

Wins:Very much efficient to relieve back pain.Strengthens lungs,chest,abdomen,arms and wrist.


7.Full wheel pose

Pic:Full wheel pose

8.One legged dog pose


Sanskrit name:Adho Mukha Svanasana

Wins:It simulates and strengthens standing legs.It is the sequence of downward facing dog pose.

8.One legged dog pose

Pic:One legged dog pose

9.Bow pose


Sanskrit name:Dhanurasana

Wins:Enhances kidney, liver function and strengthens abdominal organs.Very much helpful to release back pain and give flexibility to spinal tissue.


9.Bow pose or Dhanurasana poes

Pic:Bow pose

10.Frog pose


Sanskrit name: Mandukasana

Wins:It helps to stretch the groin,gluten and abductors simultaneously.Exclusive for the runners.


10.Frog posture

Pic:Frog pose

11.Bridge pose


Sanskrit name:Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Wins:Strengthens hamstrings,back and buttock.Spinal flexibility and more blood circulation


11.Bridge pose

Pic:Bridge pose

12.Cobra pose


Sanskrit name:Bhujangasana

Wins:It stretches abdominal muscles and strengthens spine ,buttock.Very much effective for opening lungs,shoulder and chest.


12.Cobra pose

Pic:Cobra pose

13.Ear pressure yoga pose


Sanskrit name:Karnapidasana

Wins:It helps to stimulate thyroid gland and abdominal organs.Very much effective for asthma sufferers.


13.Ear pressure yoga pose

Pic:Ear pressure yoga pose

14.Lord of the dance pose


Sanskrit name:Natarajasana

Wins:Efficient to improve balance and opening the hips.It stretches and strengthens chest,ankles,legs.

14.Lord of the dance pose

Pic:Lord of the dance pose

15.Headstand pose


Sanskrit name:Sirsasana pose

Wins:It is known as the king of all asanas. Exclusively helpful to strengthen the neck,shoulder,spine and abdomen.


15.Head stand pose

Pic:Head stand pose

SUP Yoga paddle board benefits

Yoga poses on paddle board helps you significantly improve your core workout.Whatever benefits we describe here these are to increase whole body alignment and balance mostly compared to traditional yoga poses.


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