Top 23 Best Yoga Trapeze or Swing Stand Sources 2020

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   The name of the popular buzzing term IN THE FITNESS WORLD is the aerial yoga. Once an indispensable body posture meditation of the saint of India now popularly developed with an elevated position on yoga trapeze stand.Yes,  this yoga swing frame has been expanding globally because of its thrilling health benefits on the modern lifestyle. It wonderfully enhances comfortable feelings of yoga trapeze exercise.

Many manufacturers now developing various trapeze stands, considering new scientific inversion health therapy.

Earlier –the various ways of the yoga trapeze or hammock  installation and set up process  are discussed.

Yoga swing stands in different ways as whatever you feel comfortable to do an aerial yoga workout. The most and widely practiced yoga trapeze hanging stands are categorized into four following ways-

  •  Free-standing swing stand for yoga trapeze
  • Door mount bar as  trapeze stand
  • Swing hangers  or ceiling hooks as  yoga swing clincher
  • Using a strap with a beam or tree limb as a stand

Here,world's top 10 free-standing stands + 02 door mount bar + 08 swing hangers/ceiling hooks +03 daisy chains/tree straps-total 23 yoga trapeze hanging sources or stands are reviewed in details.So cool here!


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Free-standing swing stand for yoga trapeze

According to its title,free-standing means -there has no optional attachments to fix the yoga trapeze stand.Due to its versatility usages ,this types of swing stand are widely used as an aerial yoga exercises.Some stands are highly for  yoga trapeze or swing exercise whereas others are for multi-purpose usages such as swing,punching bags,pull-up or chin-up bar etc.

Top Ten Free-standing Yoga Trapeze stands Comparison for Beginners

Product  Brand


Type of Material

Max. Wt. Capacity

Height  & Adjustibility

Customer Rating


Check Price

YOGABODY Trapeze Stand

Yoga Trapeze Stand by YOGABODY

Alluminium Alloy

  600 Lbs

10 Ft. & 


8.8 out of 10


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Omni Gym Yoga Stand

Yoga Trapeze Stand-Omni Gym Stand

 Aluminum alloy tubing

  300 Lbs


7.11 Ft. to 8.2 Ft.

8 Out of 10

Yoga Trapeze

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KT Trapeze Stand

Yoga Trapeze Stand-KT yoga stand

Alloy Steel

 705 Lbs


5.9 Ft. to 8.1 Ft.

8.6 Out of 10

Yoga Trapeze

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X-POLE A Frame 

X-pole yoga stand

Stainless steel

 330 Lbs


7.6 Ft. to 11 Ft.

Yoga Trapeze

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 Prior Stand

Yoga Trapeze Stand by PRIOR Outdoor

Magnesium Alloy

 726 Lbs


7 Ft. to 11 Ft.

8.6 Out of 10


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FlagHouse stand 

Yoga Trapeze Stand by FlagHouse

Galvanize steel pipe

 200 Lbs


6.5 Ft.

8 Out of 10

Yoga Trapeze

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Yoga Trapeze Stand by Popsport

High-quality aluminum

280 Lbs


4.6 Ft. to 8.2 Ft.

9.2 Out of 10


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 CAP Barbell Stand

Yoga Trapeze Stand-CAP Barbell Stand

Steel (11 &  12 Gauge)

  500 Lbs


7.1 Ft.

8.4 Out of 10


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Flexible Flyer

Yoga Trapeze Stand-Flexible Flyer

2 Inches Tubular Steel 

 600 Lbs


6 Ft.

8.6 Out of 10


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Trinity Vibes 

Yoga Trapeze Stand by FlagHouse

Heavy Steel

  220 Lbs


6.8 Ft.


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1.The YOGABODY trapeze stand

   The most popular & best customer reviewed brand is YOGABODY. Based in Barcelona, this yoga products manufacturer was introduced by Lucas Rockwood in 2007.

  Out of many products, the  YOGABODY yoga trapeze stand has earned most fame by its utility across globally.It's  very resourceful video tutorials  about yoga trapeze,trapeze stand set up process make in comfort for personal home yoga or in the studio classes globally.


  •  The base and height of this stand are 10 feet or 3 meters long-enough to do exercise.
  • Material: The frame is made up of aluminum alloy metal-strong to carry you.
  • The maximum load capacity is 600 lbs(272 kg approx.).So don't worry or fear about your weight.
  • The total tare weight of this stand is 70 lbs or 32 kg.


  • It is possibly used on multi-surfaces like on concrete, grass, water bottom surface.
  • Installation is easy.Manual includes.Just get help one or two persons within  a few minutes.
  • Multi-functions of this stand are-hanging yoga swing, punching bags, Olympic rings or use as a pull up bar-i.e 1=4 or you add as you wish
  • The package includes hardware & accessories.
  • A trial is available; YOGABODY provides 365 days guarantee with unconditional.


  • The trapeze stand is heavy
  • It is not included any portable bag to carry


  • Is it fold-able?

             Ans.No, but assembling & dissembling is easy.

  • Does it scratch when using on carpet?

               Ans.No, each pole has rubber feet for any ground.

2.Omni Gym Yoga Stand

Since 2001, Omni Gym™ is a revolutionary name for the global consciousness of inversion therapy & aerial yoga finesse. A family company innovates their latest yoga stand as like a tripod swing frame stand. Patented & designed by Anthony Cardenas, a renowned physical therapist.

  • Great for inversion exercise, neck, or back pain relief.
  • It is as a home gym/ Studios or indoor & park, yard, or outdoor.
  • Height: Two options are available-7.11 Ft. & 8.2 Ft.-best for your ceiling height.
  • A rocket-like design offers to swivel up to 360° easily.
  • Material: 1.5″ round aluminum alloy tubing.
  • O –Rings: Total 9 O-rings (Three in each pole) offer to be attached to multidisciplinary swing accessories.
  • Three(3) handlebars with soft hand grips provide for every three poles.
  • Item weight:50 Lb(22.7 Kgs)
  • Color: Silver


  • Perfect stand for aerial yoga & inversion therapy.
  • Full 22 interlocking parts are separated when it reached to you.
  • Assembling needs only 10 minutes by a single person.
  • Very much portable to carry.
  • Setting up E-PDF manual provides while purchasing.


  • Sandbags or weight bags are needed to place in each basement of the pole to prevent moving while working out on the finished floor.

"Yogis by the yogis"-holding this motto, Omni Gym offers total aerial yoga packages-Omni Stand, Omni swing, Spring Trapeze.

Warranty: A one-year parts(All) warranty & 30 days money-back guarantee


     usually, long-time work in the desk creates your spine stiff. To tackle this unhealthy situation, get a few minutes inversion exercise & relax your muscle. It energizes your body cell instantly and relieves your spine stiff-just get a few minutes inversion exercise stimulating your body cell instantly.


  • Material: Super strength alloy steel
  • Height is adjustable: 70"(5.9 Ft.) to 101.5"(8.1 Ft.)-according to your requirements
  • Item weight is: 63.9 lbs (29kgs)
  • It can hold up 705 Lbs(320 Kgs), so two persons can easily workout at the same time.


  • Easily fold-able & portable
  • Easy to wipe & looking glazing each time after use.
  • Easily set up in indoor & outdoor-no need to drill to support.
  • Delighting 05 years warranty
  • Customized light stand is available.Just search ASIN.
  • Highly recommended by customers,more than 245 customers reviewed very positively.


  • Beginners may feel a little nervous because it moves & rocks itself but sooner used to making a fun further.
  • As it is weighty, some feel extra hands assistance for installation.

4.A-frame aerial stands by X-POLE

A Los Angels based global company, X-POLE is the popular brand name for aerial fitness. More than ten regional offices globally, X-POLE provides amazing Aerial stand, which is height adjustable, space customizable for indoor & outdoor use.

For all kinds of aerial exercises include yoga trapeze, hammock, aerial silks, hook, etc. X-POLE is compatible. Though it is a little expensive, a one-time invest cost you huge benefits for all aerial disciplines.


  • SS 314 Stainless steel material
  • Total tare weight is: 72 Lbs
  • When assembling, the lowest floor space requires 4.4 Sq. Meter & maximum is 8.9 sq. Meter.
  • Each leg has a rubber button
  • The maximum weight capacity is 330 Lbs or 150 kg.
  • Package covers-7 Pieces Legs

                                             - 04 Pieces Telescopic legs,

                                              -1.4 meter top bar,


                                              -two carrying bags, including 04 bare weight bags.


  • Fantastic for any surface-floor, tiles, grass, soil.
  • The minimum ground space requires only 4.4 sq. meter.
  • Height adjustable allows to use in any height measurement place.
  • Weight bags for extra safety
  • Excellent customer service 245/7/365 e-mail & ticket quick response.



  • Installation requires at least two persons
  • Comparatively a little expensive.


Can it be used as a swing set?


Buy here  from worldwide 

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5. PRIOR outdoor stand

A global top listed outdoor products brand, Prior Outdoor Co. delivers quality products since 2009. Its free-standing aerial position is very much portable & comfortable to use in-house or any camping outdoor. Its height adjust-ability & sturdiness make it very popular for beginners to seasoned yogis.


  • A trusted aerial yoga products brand for six years
  • Material: Magnesium Alloy
  • Tare weight:30 kg
  • Maximum load capacity:600 kg
  • Top bar is 1.4 m wide.
  • Height & space details: At the lowest height (7 Ft.), it requires 4.4 sq — meters of ground space  & at the highest height (11 Ft.), it requires 8.9 sq. meters of ground space.
  • Total package covers-five pipes (01 cross + 04 expansion),two portable bags,04 telescopic legs with round feet,01 top bar,02 sidebars making A-frame, Pins, two side straps.
  • Color: Silver


  • This yoga stand has multidisciplinary usages-yoga trapeze or hammock, rig, aerial fitness, aerial acrobats, high hook, etc.
  • Adjustable heights offer an indoor & outdoor super workout.
  • Height adjustable allows to use in any height measurement place.
  • Four telescopic legs with A-frame gives a firm hanging offer up to 400 lbs typically.
  • Dissembling can be easily such excellent portability.
  • No wrench or extra hardware is need.


  • The expansion of the legs is insufficient to prevent tipping when it is in lower positions.
  • This is pricey.

6.Stylish & portable swing frame by FlagHouse

A New Jersy based company, since 1954, FlagHouse has been serving to invent research-based educational & fitness products globally. A mission with "family for family" provides a very portable & robust yoga swing stand. The ultimate motto of this aged old manufacturer is “Enriching lives. Delivering solutions”


  • Its dimensions are: 83'W x 7″D x 77″H Frame
  • Tare weight: 35lbs.
  • The weight capacity is 200 lbs.
  • It's a galvanized steel pipe


  • Very sturdy well-made frame
  • Installation is pretty simple & easy
  • Very convenient to carry for outdoor exercise.
  • Price is in your hand but no compromise with quality
  • Excellent customer service 245/7/365 e-mail & ticket quick response.


  • It takes huge space
  • Assembling is time-consuming

7. Popsport Pull up bar + Yoga trapeze stand

A brandable sports goods manufacturer, Popsport has earned its fame for ultra-quality products. The company provides a sturdy and multipurpose pull-up bar, which may turn the best hanging sources quickly for Aerial equipment comprising trapeze stand.


  • Height adjustable-(140 cm to 250 cm or 4.6 Ft. To 8.2 Ft.)Stand for yoga trapeze or pull up bar.
  • The support bar adjusts with every four legs permanently
  • Weight capacity is 280 Pounds or 130 Kg.
  • Material: High-quality aluminum
  • Color: black


  • Easily fold-able
  • A –shaped type structure offers a sturdy & safety workout
  • Support bar prevents spinning or moving & it is stable
  • Assembling is easy without getting help from second hands
  • Reasonable price


  • Workout on the tiles floor leave a scratch; wood floor recommended.
  • Assembling is time-consuming


Does it manufacture in the USA or China?


Does it include a pull-up bar?

Ans.One bar with frame.

8.CAP Barbell exercise stand

CAP is a famous fitness products manufacturer for over 25 years, based on the Los Angeles city. It now supplies many yoga accessories, including yoga block, yoga ball, strap, mat, etc. Its pull up bar nicely fits for static pull-ups, bench presses, squats, levers, toes-to-bar, shrugs, etc. & excellent as an attach suspended elements as yoga trapeze or swing stand.So, one is for multi-purpose usages.


  • Dimension is  46" wide(3.8 Ft.) x 50"(4.1 Ft.) deep x 85"(7.1 Ft.) high
  • Weight :60 pounds(27.2 Kg)
  • Material: Steel(11 & 12 Gauge)
  • As a yoga trapeze stand, it holds up a maximum weight capacity of about 500 lbs.


  • Height is adjustable with bar
  • Assembling is easy.
  • Long-lasting powder coat finished & industrial zinc mixing offer extra durability.
  • Looking is stylish, durable & non-compromising safety.
  • Anchoring is available.
  • Budget-friendly
  • A trusted brand by CAP Barbell, Inc.()Indoor
  • More than 770 out of 1112 customers suggested highly.


  • You need to buy J-hooks separately for hanging trapeze.

9.Flyer lawn swing frame by Flexible Flyer

Flexible-Flyer is the most significant swing sets Provider Company in the USA. A century-old manufacturer, it's quality products & service has reached customers' mind very acceptable. With its multipurpose usages for almost all kinds of swings, simultaneously, it is excellent as a yoga trapeze stand.

Outer specifications

  • Its top bar is 6 feet from the ground
  • 2 -inch tubular steel with powder coat paint
  • Tare weight is 33 lbs
  • The frame is enough to support up to 600 lbs


  • Little wiggly but stable
  • This one has multiple attachment holes for the different ground base
  • Assembling is very simple
  • All screws, clips & clear covers for safety & chain attachment are of a very high standard.
  • Swing hooks included, just down your trapeze 
  • Appearance is excellent & reasonably priced compared to a wooden or resin frame.


  • It is only 6 feet from the top to the ground
  • No rubber button or caps on the legs
  • Not fold-able
  • Not recommended for indoors

10.Trinity Vibes multi-purpose swing stand as yoga trapeze & love

A US-based company Trinity Vibes supplies adult products. Its love stand, some aerial exercise, can be easily performed. So, it has versatile usage, including as a swing stand.


  • Material: Heavy steel construction & free-standing design.
  • Dimension: 82" (6.8 Ft.)Tall x (85" x 58") Basement –when assembling.
  • Rubber feet give extra support for any kinds of ground-tiles, wood, grass, or soil.
  • Supports up to 400 Lbs


  • Near 7 Ft. is suitable for hanging yoga trapeze .
  • Assembling,dissembling & folding are fantastic.
  • Surely a thrilling experience for new couples.
  • Very positively reviewed by customers whether indoor or outdoor.


  • It's pricey
  • Need more room & height to set up.
  • Height adjust-ability not present.  


Does this item come along with swing?

Ans.No, you have to buy separately swing.

Is it shipped outside of the USA

Ans.No, only the USA?

Best alternatives to free standing trapeze stand

Free-standing swing is excellent,durable & can easily perform many suspension elements workout.But,these are 25 kg to 35 kg  average weight when dissembling .So,if you feel these are uncomfortable to carry or you wish a simple duffel bag carriage for aerial yoga hanging source,then these alternatives are highly considered.These may be following sources & discussed in-details below.

  1. Door mount bar 
  2. Swing hangers  or ceiling hooks 
  3. Using a strap with a beam or tree limb 

 Door mount bar as Trapeze stand

Free-standing swings are significant for aerial yoga, whether for indoor or outdoor exercise. Besides, free-standing swings, there are some alternatives to use yoga trapeze from different hanging sources. The door mount bar is one of the most accessible sources to hang yoga trapeze or hammock from home door . This is totally hassle-free if it meets with your height requirements for an aerial workout.

1.Door mount frame bar  by Sunny Health & Fitness.

Sunny Health is a renowned fitness product manufacture based on Los Angels(USA) & Xiamen(China). Since 2004, it achieved people's trust globally. One of the most reviewed products is the door mount frame bar for pull up or chin up, simultaneously as a trapeze stand bar.

Physical specifications

  • Adjustable length-2 feet ½ inch to 3 feet ½ inch
  • Two weight-bearing brackets
  • Two hands padded
  • Max weight capacity is 220 Lbs or Near 100 Kg.
  • Bar weight is near 1½ kg
  • Two rubber bracket include in two ends, make it stable for exercise
  • The diameter of the bracket is near 2 inches diameters.


  • Adjustable length offers to adjust with any door frame.
  • Stainless steel gives sturdy & heavy support.
  • The durable textured hand pad provides extra comfort & anti sweaty.
  • Non-slippy
  • Significantly work on a concrete or wooden frame


  • It doesn't provide any screws, so you need to buy screws.


What is the size & dimension of the screws for installation?


2.Door mount frame bar by YOGABODY naturals

It is fantastic & customers gave their most positive recommendations or reviews on this trapeze bar stand.


  • It is designed to fit most standard door frames (26 to 36 inches)
  • Weight: 3 Pounds/Near 3 kg


  • It has a multi-functions duty as aerial yoga or chin-ups, pull-ups or punching bags, etc.
  • The hexagonal shape makes you feeling sturdy.
  • It is a trustworthy product.
  • Very much convenient –you can take in or out during yoga exercise
  • Fitted for wooden or concrete door.


  • All kinds of inversion are not possible.


What deep size of the wooden door requires to mount the bar ends safely?


Has there any instructional video to use this?

Ans.Yes,just spend 20 minutes YouTube video from here.

Swing hangers /Ceiling hooks as trapeze stand

Swing hangers or ceiling hooks  are an integral part of the swing equipment to swing any kinds of suspension elements, including yoga trapeze or hammock.

Considering on residential or commercial use, manufacturers design specific swing sets. Most hangers are for permanent use due to safe installation from any kind of beam as I-beam/steel ,concrete or wooden beam.

1.Yoga Trapeze ceiling hooks by YOGABODY

A famous world trusted yoga trapeze manufacturer, YOGABODY offers suspension ceiling hooks for yoga trapeze or hammock.

Physical specifications:

  • 02 anchors × 02 bolts design
  • Galvanized steel
  • Base diameter is 4.8" wide by 3.3" height
  • 04 lag bolts (wood) & 04 concrete  bolts
  •  Maximum load capacity is 300 Lbs/ 150 kg per hook


  • Pro-grading anchor hook supports trapeze or hammock or any suspension equipment heavily.
  • Robust & reliable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfectly worked with all kinds of trapeze exercises course  by YOGABODY.
  • All hardware include-whatever your mounting stud.
  • Great price.



How much drill bit do I require for wood & concrete?

Ans.Wood -6 mm),concrete 6 mm initially then 12 mm drill bit.


For full yoga trapeze installation with ceiling hooks  see YOGABODY YouTube video.

2.Heavy-duty swing hangers by the Jungle Gym Kingdom

One of the most trusted swing accessories, jungle gym, offers a lately innovative DACROMET coating than traditional galvanized finishers.

Physical specifications:

  • It is exclusively with the wooden source but very compatible with concrete, beam, rafter, cedar, etc.
  • Because of multiple surface options, mounting hardware like bolts, screws, etc. are not included.
  • ½ inch pre-drilled holes offer 3 inches hax bolts, lag bolts, carriage bolts.
  • Hanger's total weight limit is 2400 lbs /1088 kg
  • Snap hook's weight capacity is  600 lbs/ 272 kg each
  • Snap hooks are zinc coated


  • Strongly supports yoga trapeze or hammock for all kinds of aerial poses.
  • It works great against the rush.
  • Very durable & sturdy.
  • A washer is attached to avoid friction & sound.


  • No mounting  screws included


What types & sizes of bolts are needed to screw it?

Ans. Based on your surface, there need different types of bolts. Usually, we need to pre-drilled a 5/16" pilot hole on an average of the hanger above the stand.

Does the Jungle Gym Kingdom provide e-book instructions?


Does it provide any instructional video?

Ans.Yes.Click here for YouTube video.

3. Awroutdoor heavy duty swing hangers

With a mission to offering multi-dimensional usages factors, Awroutdoor supplies a heavy-duty awesome swing hanger with necessary mounting hardware.

Physical specifications:

  • Material: High quality latest innovative SUS304 stainless steel
  • Weight capacity: 2 in a set offers 1000 Lbs(454 kgs)
  • There have two 0.3" pre-drilled holes in each hanger
  • Total 04 concrete anchors for concrete installation & 04 Hex bolts for wooden installation.


  • Great for yoga trapeze, gymnastic rings, punching bags, porch swing or swing chair, etc.
  • It is very  compatible with wooden beam, concrete, or home gym or outdoor equipment.
  • Installation is easy by providing detailed instructions.
  • Snap swiveling gives a 360° rotation.


  • No mounting  screws included


1.What are different sizes of screws fitted for multi types ceilings?

Ans.Hole diameter is 0.8 cm or 0.31 in.

Screws for wood joist: Length is 8.5 cm; Diameter is 0.8 cm

Screws for concrete : Length is 9 cm; Diameter is 01 cm

2.Does it come two packs?

Price is for each pack – 1 or 2

4. Abeaco heavy duty swing hangers

A slogan with "Families helping families"-Abeaco offers one of the best swing hangers to the aerial or swinging community. It provides swing hangers, trapeze bars & swings separately.


  • Item weight is 2.45 Pounds
  • Maximum load capacity is 1600 Pounds/726 kg -Each is 800 Pounds/363 kg
  • Two pre-drilled ½ inch holes in each hanger.
  • Manufacturing maintains ASTM standards.


  • Installation is effortless, just a few minutes.
  • Thicker, stronger & no compromising with safety.
  • Multi-purposes used
  • Snap swiveling gives a 360° rotation.


  • No mounting hardware, i.e., bolts, straps/chain, wrench, etc.


1.What types of locks do I need for installation

Ans.Thru-bolts or lag-bolts. It is recommended to consult with your local hardware expert.

2.What are these bracket dimensions?

Ans.Length:4 ½ inches by width:2 ¼ inches.


5. Auskit safest swing hangers

Physical specifications:

  • Package includes-01 swing spinner/Swivel,2 Carabiners, Auskit storage Pouch
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Carabiners' weight capacity:2000 Lbs or 907 kgs
  • Carabiner passed  by KN Rating
  • It works greatly with yoga trapeze
  •  The dimension of the rotational device is 4.33 inches long and 1.96 inches wide.


  • Very much dependable for almost all suspension workouts.
  • Heavy for indoor ceiling/wooden beam or outdoor tree limb or backyard /park's trapeze bar.
  • Water-resistant


  • After prolonged outdoor use, it is prone to be rusty but durable enough.


1.Are carabiners lock?

Ans. Yes, unlocking is also available  by the latching mechanism.

2.How many sets do I need for yoga trapeze or hammock?

Ans. Two sets are the best for trapeze or swing stand.

6. Besthouse heavy duty swing hangers

Physical specifications:

  • The pack is for only one swinger with 2 Hex lag bolts (Tree / wood) & 2 concrete anchors.
  • Max load capacity:1000 Lbs/454 kg
  • Silent nylon bushing is inside the bracket.
  • Two pre-drilled holes(2.36 inch each) for bolting installation
  • The dimensions of the bolts are 3.35 inches(Length) & two diameter sizes:0.31 inch (wood) ,0.47 inches(Concrete )


  • SUS 304 stainless steel swinger & bolts offer a sturdy & safe use of yoga trapeze.
  • Easily can be used with concrete, cedar wood, rafter or wooden beams or A-type houses inside, etc.
  • Heavy load capacity no squeaky
  • Lubrication is available, so no worries about friction & rust.
  • Installation is effortless.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.



1.Does it include 02 (Two) hangers?

Ans.No.only one with 04 bolts(Two different sets)

2.Is it made in China?


3.How can I drill for different types of ceiling?

Ans.Power drill for wood & rotary hammer drill for concrete or gypsum ceiling.

7.Amerigo premium Ceiling hooks

Physical specifications:

Package includes -02 round pad eyes with a ring, 02 spring snap hooks, 04 lag screws.

Max load capacity is 300 Lbs –per one pad, a total of 600 Lbs when using two together.

Best to install an indoor home ceiling or two ×6 wooden floor joist.


  • Hooks are designed by SS 316 stainless steel, upgraded than SS 304 with Molybdenum, heavy to anti-corrosion & rust even in outdoor.
  • Two extra carabiner hooks are keen to hang yoga trapeze, gymnastic rings, punching bags, etc.
  • Installation is effortless about 10 minutes.
  • Great price


  • Snap hook clips are small but no compromising with safety.


How  sizes do I need to drill?

Ans.About half the diameter of the screw, lol. The width of the screw is 6 mm(0.24 inches) with shaft (45 mm or 1.77 inches).

8.Ikea suspension ceiling hooks

Ikea, a trusted brand name, offers heavy-duty suspension ceiling hooks.

  • Package includes 2 or 4 hooks without screws.
  • Standard weight capacity is near 500 Lbs for one pair hook.


  • Easy to install on a concrete ceiling or wooden structure
  • Sturdy & great for yoga trapeze.
  • Perfectly worked with all kinds of trapeze exercises course  by YOGABODY.
  • Great price.


  • Need to buy decking bolts separately.


1.Does IKEA provide screws or bolts?

Ans.No.Based on your installation stand, you can choose perfectly fitted stud .For any customized size of bolts click -Homedepot 

2.Are four(04) screws necessary?

Ans.Two screws are fine, but for over safety –screw fours.

Using a strap/chain with a beam or tree limb as a swing  stand

Tree strap is an excellent solution of hassle-free installation of the yoga trapeze stand.

Using two straps' end with carabiners, yoga trapeze, or hammock offers a tremendous aerial workout. Your backyard tree limb or an excellent natural cool place will be an easy medium of trapeze exercise.

 1.Daisy chain by FOME

One of the best easy methods of securing aerial yoga contraption is a daisy chain. It doesn’t matter whatever is your hanging source, or it’s the altitude. If it meets minimum height requirements for hammock exercise, the daisy chain may be your excellent portable trapeze yoga workout.

FOME is a well-trusted sports & fitness products brand. Its daisy chain is accessible in aerial yoga as a knot with trapeze or hammock, sling, punching bags, climbing or any swing chair etc.

It’s 100% terylene fabric makes it ultra strong to hold the weight capacity up to 882 lbs/400 kg.

Length is enough(3 Ft.) to knot with any suspension elements &  two options 6/10 loops provide to shorten or lengthen as what you desire.


  • Great  for all suspensions elements, including yoga trapeze/sling. 
  • Easily height adjustable.
  • Super stitching & non-stretching
  • Price is very reasonable.
  • Amazing customer rating-9.8 out of 10


  • No carabiner or mounting hardware included.

2.Heavy-duty tree swing straps by Royal Oak

When you feel a light carriage as comfortable for your aerial yoga outdoor. Then heavy tree straps can be the best alternative while fastening with tree branches with yoga trapeze or hammock or any suspension elements workout.

Physical specifications

  • Length:8 Ft. Wide:2 inches
  • Material: Nylon
  • Item weight:1.61 Pounds
  • Weight capacity: Each strap holds up to 2200 Lbs/998 kg, Total for two is 4400 Lbs/1996 kg.
  • Each strap has a heavy-duty screw-lock carabiner in its end.
  • A screw lock has a strong hook. It holds up to 200 lbs/91 kg.


  • Very sturdy, durable & finished design to prevent tree branch or wooden beam damages.
  • According to your height requirements, the strap can be shortened by wrapping more times & in this way, it supports extra strength support.
  • Swiveling or spinning is easy.
  • Each strap end with durable steel carabiner offers to swing as a heavy-duty suspension element.
  • Production is non-chemicals process with UV technology.
  • Very much weatherproof.
  • Easily adjustable & removable.


  • Very often, 8 Ft. strap is not enough because of fatty limb, so before buying, you need to measure.


My tree limb is 20 Ft. high, can I adjust extended strap for my required height?

Ans. Yes, the extra strap is available to level tree limb or A-type wooden beam height.

3.Super tree strap by PYS Outdoor

PYS Outdoor, a subsidiary company of RuiYu Outdoor, is an excellent initiative for outdoor products, established in 2012.

Physical specification

  • Strap 's length is 5 Ft./10 Ft.(Two sizes) & width -3.81 cm/1.5 inch.
  • Weight capacity =1000 Lbs or 454 kg (Single strap).
  • Material: Two SUS 304 steel carabiners.
  • Each strap has five loops for wrapping assistance.
  • One duffel bag with an instruction card.


  • Super strong  polyester ingredient.
  • Easily height adjustable  with the loop of strap & hanging source.
  • Installation is straightforward, just a few minutes.
  • Stitching is ultra heavy, no compromising with safety.
  • Excellent to tackle any rough weather.
  • Easily washable.
  • Promo code is available to get a super discount.
  • Suggested  by over 270 customers.


  • An even level tree branch is necessary here to use yoga trapeze smoothly & effortlessly.
  • When attaching yoga trapeze with carabiners, it moves with strap.No swivel or bearing is attached.


Does it provide only a unique length strap?

Ans.No, it has two options 5 Ft. or 10 Ft. strap.

The most considerable factors while choosing yoga trapeze stand

Choosing a yoga trapeze stand or aerial fitness rig a tricky because there have enormous free swing stands in the market or e-commerce stores. Depending on one's choice, height-weight, material, portability, multi-uses for suspension elements & above all indoor or outdoor usages-the following crucial matters are useful for excellent buying.


Material is one of the prime factors of the trapeze stand. It can be aluminum alloy steel, SS 304, SS 316, etc. Molybdenum coated steel is stronger than stainless steel to fight with bad outdoor weather.


Height is the most counting factor of the yoga trapeze stand. Hanging yoga trapeze from the top stand bar should be at least 01 Ft. away from the ground. So, you should consider the height of the stand. If you have multiple users in your family –height-adjustable positions can be your best option.


Most of the swing fitness rig has a minimum weight capacity of 500 Lbs to 1500 Lbs. Depending on your specifications, you can choose whatever your high requirements.

Trusted & durability

Manufacturer's brand reliability is an essential factor while buying aerial stand. Warranty days & the customer ratings are crucial.


Different prices of yoga trapeze or swing stand are available. Most of the positions are 200 $ above.To pick your preferred budget, you can check the latest prices below.

How to set up yoga trapeze stand

Yoga Trapeze/hammock is a pretty proven exercise tool by which aerial yoga has been worked out. It is great emancipation to do hard pose from yogis'.Yoga Trapeze stand or swing has added an exceptional dimension to hang trapeze or aerial hammock very conveniently & comfortably.

Most manufacturers provide in-details installation process in E-PDF,Manual or in videos format how to set up yoga swing stand.

Free standing yoga trapeze stand installation

Famous aerial  yoga product brand like YOGABODY ,Omni Gym have clear video installation tutorials on how to set up trapeze or swing stand.

Door mount bar installation

Door mount bar is one of the best hassle & bustle free in comfort of using yoga trapeze at home. Pick your preferred door mount bar & watch following set up video.

2nd step: Now hang your yoga trapeze with doorway mount bar properly.

Watch following video.

Swing hangers/Ceiling hooks installation

Yoga trapeze /hammock installation with  daisy chain/tree strap

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang yoga trapeze in the doorway? Or, How do you hang yoga trapeze in a doorway?

Ans. If you wish to use a yoga trapeze without stand, then a simple doorway installation can save you much investment. There are a couple of different ways to hang yoga trapeze in the doorway.

-Firstly you need to measure the height of the door on both sides then mark the space to mount the door mount plates(Two) with screws (Usually 5+5) supplied by the manufacturer. Now, install door mount bar securely & professionally.

-Secondly, if you already installed a pull-up bar in the doorway, then tightly secure your yoga trapeze.

Mind that the length measurement from seat to carabiners is usually 50 inches or 127 cm.

Now it is ready as an alternative way of portable yoga trapeze stand.

 How far apart to hang yoga trapeze? Or how far apart to mount yoga trapeze?

Ans. Whether you install yoga trapeze from trapeze stand, ceiling hooks, tree branch, or doorway mount bar, you should keep minimum space (1 Ft. or above) from ground to trapeze "U" loop. Usually, the highest length of a trapeze goes to 53 inches(134 cm)

Remind that a little distance keeps you safe while staying you in the air with the trapeze.

How to use yoga trapeze? Or, How DO you attach a Trapeze to yoga?

Ans. Yoga Trapeze is the new flying yoga prop. The idea of aerial yoga is completely based on yoga trapeze. To use yoga hammock accurately, follow the typical instructions below.-

-After unpacking the box, check if the installation manual is available or not.

- firstly, securely fasten the two trapeze end sides with your preferred trapeze stand.

-Attach four carabiners(Two each side).

-yoga hammock is from secure & comfortable silk or nylon fabric -this is easily washable.

How to install yoga trapeze in the ceiling? Or, How do you attach trapeze to the yoga ceiling?

Ans. Installing yoga trapeze in-ceiling protect your further purchases free yoga stands. Usually, there are two ways to mount in the ceiling.

-Firstly, using ceiling hooks.

-Secondly, using eye bolts.

These are two simple drilling mounting steps. Manufacturers now produce heavy-duty galvanized ceiling hooks & eye bolts. Both have swiveling options & different maximum capacity from 200 lbs to 300 lbs.

Caution: You must ceiling mount with the professional.

 How to hang yoga trapeze from pull up bar?

Ans.It is a straightforward way to hang yoga trapeze from pull up bar by your own-self. The height-adjustable pull-up bar(5 Ft. up) is the best for using yoga trapeze.

-Securely attach the trapeze end with both ends of the bar.

This A-shaped type pull-up bar allows strong supports & hang against moving or spinning.

 How far apart should yoga trapeze hooks be?

Ans. Mounting Trapeze ceiling hooks is the easiest way to use yoga trapeze. Based on your height & ceiling roof measurement, you can adjust the yoga hammock.

The maximum length of a toga trapeze is 53 inches(134 cm) & it usually goes to 50 inches in height from the trapeze "U" loop or seat to the carabiners.

How to hang yoga trapeze from tree?

Ans. You can smoothly perform aerial yoga in outdoor. Hanging yoga trapeze from a tree branch is simple.

-Just take two daisy chains & find out a strong tree branch suitable standard height from the ground.

-Fasten the trapeze ends with the chain.

-Securely wrap the string around the branch.

How to build a yoga trapeze strand? Or How to make yoga trapeze inches  stand?

Ans. Yoga trapeze or yoga hammock is a sophisticated nylon fabric that is silky & very strong. Usually, it comes with four carabiners with four handles. There are a couple of different practices to hang this trapeze yoga from multiple sources.

-Freestanding trapeze yoga stand.

-Using a pull-up bar or door mount bar.

-Ceiling hooks or swing hangers.

-Using daisy chains/straps with a tree limb or beam of your house.

How much weight can a yoga trapeze hold?

Ans. A yoga trapeze is made from silky or nylon parachuted fabric. Depending on the material, usually, a trapeze can hold 200 Lbs of Flaghouse to a maximum of 600 Lbs of Yogabody trapeze.

How can you perform aerial yoga at home?

Ans. Aerial yoga is the process of doing traditional yoga in mid-air with the help of yoga hammock or trapeze. Additionally,it is the best way to perform inversion exercise, which has numerous health benefits.

To perform aerial yoga at home,

firstly, you should buy a yoga trapeze from our researched manufacturers here.

-Fix a yoga trapeze stand (There are four different types of stands available. Please scroll here).

-Hang your yoga trapeze.

-Before starting flying yoga, take off all your ornaments, including watches, ring, glass, etc. because this may be snagged.

-Do not take any snacks or meals before two hours of aerial exercise.

-Start nice calm music with the player.

Now enjoy your ultimate aerial yoga at home.

 What is your favorite sort of aerial yoga implement, yoga silks, yoga trapeze, or something else, and why?

Ans. This is the self-answered question. There are many sorts of aerial yoga implemented. Out of Yoga silks or yoga trapeze, I like yoga trapeze. Because it is simple to carry in a backpack or duffel bag, installation is very easy, moreover it is sturdy & safe.

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