Yoga trapeze or swing stand 2019

Best yoga trapeze stand reviews

Once an indispensable body posture meditation of the saint of India now popularly developed with an aerial position on yoga trapeze stand. It has been expanding globally because of its thrilling health benefits on the modern lifestyle. Yoga swing or frame wonderfully enhances comfortable feelings of trapeze yoga.
Many manufacturers now developing various trapeze stand considering on modern scientific inversion health therapy.

Earlier –the full installation and set up are discussed.
The most and widely used stands are discussed herein details now.

The YOGABODY trapeze stand

The most popular & best customer reviewed brand is obviously YOGABODY.
Yoga Trapeze stand by YOGABODY
Outer specification:
The base and height of this stand are 10 feet or 3 meters long-enough to do exercise.
The frame is made up of aluminum alloy metal-strong to carry you.
The maximum load capacity is 600 lbs(272 kg approx.).So do n’t worry or fear about your weight.
The total tare weight of this stand is 70 lbs or 32 kg

Why I bought it

Yoga Trapeze stand by YOGABODY
It is possibly used on multi-surfaces like on concrete, grass, water bottom surface.
Setting up manual provides step by step installation-don’t be nervous, just get help one or two persons, just take a few minutes.
Multi-functions of this stand are-hanging yoga swing, punching bags, Olympic rings or use as a pull up bar-i.e 1=4 or you add as you wish
A trial is available,YOGABODY provides 365 days guarantee with unconditional.

Stylish & portable swing frame by FlagHouse

Yoga Trapeze-stand-by-FlagHouse

Very portable & strong yoga swing has manufactured by popular brand FlagHouse.

Outer specifications:
It’s dimensions are : 83’W x 7″D x 77″H Frame
Tare weight: 35lbs.
Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
It’s a galvanized steel pipe

Very sturdy well-made frame
Installation is pretty simple & easy
Price is in your hand but no compromise with quality
Very convenient to carry for outdoor exercise.

It takes huge space
Assembling is time-consuming

Flyer lawn swing frame by Flexible Flyer

Yoga Trapeze stand by-Flexible-Flyer


Outer specifications

It is 97 × 64 × 72 inches
2 -inch tubular steel with powder coat paint
The frame is enough to support up to 600 lbs
Tare weight is 33 lbs
Its top bar is 6 feet from the ground

Little wiggly but stable
This one has multiple attachment holes for the different ground base
Assembling is very simple
All screws, clips & clear covers for safety & chain attachment are of a very high standard.
Swing hooks included, just trapeze your down
Appearance is great & reasonably priced compared to a wooden or resin frame

It is only 6 feet from the top to the ground
No rubber button or caps on the legs
Not foldable
Not recommended for indoors

Trapeze door mount frame bar by YOGABODY naturals

Yoga trapeze stand Door mount bar by YOGABODY for yoga trapeze
It is awesome & customers gave their most positive recommendation or reviews on this trapeze bar stand.

Its dimension is:20 8 6 inches;3 pounds
The hexagonal shape makes you feeling sturdy.
Door mount bar with Yoga trapeze

It is designed to fit most standard door frames (26 to 36 inches)
It is a trustworthy product.
It has a multifunctions duty as aerial yoga or chin-ups, pull-ups or punching bags, etc.
Very much convenient –you can take in or out during yoga exercise

All kinds of inversion are not possible

Just spend 20 minutes Youtube video and get ultimate exercise

Stylish Kinky Love Yoga Stand

Yoga Trapeze stand by Kinky Love
You don’t want to or can’t set a swing into the ceiling or door frame? ok, I’m telling one of the best multi-purposes stands.

It is 82 inches tall, base 85 inches & 58 inches wide
It’s shipping weight is 43.4 pounds

Yoga trapeze stand by Kinky Love

Very positively reviewed by customers whether indoor or outdoor
Very much stylish design built-in rings to house a leather sling as well
Recommended by overweight lovers
Assembling is super easy
Folding option available
Surely a thrilling experience for new couples.

It’s pricy side
Need more room & height to set up

Yoga Trapeze is a pretty proven exercise tool by which aerial yoga has been worked out. It is great emancipation to do hard pose from yogis’.Yoga Trapeze stand or swing has added an excellent dimension to hang trapeze or aerial hammock very conveniently & comfortably.